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We Sue Debt Collectors

(The information listed below was drafted by the attorneys at Weston Legal, PLLC and is for informational purposes only and is not to be considered legal advice. The information relates to lawsuits filed in Texas for collection purposes).

Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA)

The most common complaint to the Federal Trade Commission (by far) year after year is complaints about debt collectors and/or collection agencies. In April of 2006 the FTC reported that it received 66,627 complaints against third-party debt collectors in 2005. This was more than any other industry and nearly six times the amount in 1999. It is also important to note that these collection agencies recovered over 39 billion dollars in 2005. Unfortunately most consumers do not know their rights regarding these collectors and simply put up with unacceptable conduct.

Common Violations:

• Constantly calling you at work when you have asked/told them not to.

• Revealing your debt to third parties.

• Leaving messages and not revealing they are a debt collector.

• Threatening a lawsuit when they do not intend on bringing one.

• Claiming that you can or will be arrested if you do not pay the debt.

• Claiming that a judgment will occur immediately if you do not pay.

• Claiming that they can garnish your wages if you do not pay.

• Claiming that they will put a lien on your house if you do not pay.


If you believe that you have experienced one more of these violations here are some immediate steps to take prior to contacting our office.

Write out a detailed summary of all violations including the date of the calls, the collection agency, the name of the person calling and the phone numbers they called from.

Save copies of all letters and notices from collection agencies.

Save all phone messages and voice mails.

Make note of your conversations with these bill collectors .

What kind of damages am I entitled to?

The FDCPA allows you to collect (if successful):

$1,000 of Statutory Damages .

Actual damages (you lose your job, or sustain some physical or mental injuries as a result of the unlawful collection practices) .

Attorneys fees and Costs .

The Texas Debt Collection Act (TDCA)

The Texas Act essentially mirrors the Federal Act but actually entitles you to more remedies. Unlike the Federal Act, the Texas act applies to both 3rd party debt collectors (like collection agencies) and the original creditors attempting to collect their own debt. A violation of the Texas Debt Collection Act is also a violation of the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act which provides for triple damages in certain circumstances.


If you get a call or letter from a collection agency about a debt you don't
think you owe, here's what to do:

Tell the agency in writing that you don't owe the debt and ask for proof.
Write within 30 days and send your letter by certified mail with a return
receipt requested.

  • Don't provide personal financial information, such as your Social
    Security number, to debt collectors.
  • Don't pay any part of the debt — that can restart the statute of
    limitations on debt more than four to six years old. Plus, a court could
    interpret your payment as your admission that the debt is valid.
  • If the debt is really old, be skeptical. This kind of "Zombie" debt,
    which may have passed through several agencies but refuses to die, could be
    something that you in fact did pay long ago.
  • Don't let the agency harass you. If you send a letter telling it to stop
    calling or writing, it must do so, except to tell you that it is no longer
    trying to collect or that it's pursuing a legal remedy.
  • Contact Weston Legal, PLLC if the agency still
    presses to collect a debt it can't prove you owe.

It is important to note that just because a debt collector possibly violates a consumer statute, the debt that you owe is not forgiven simply by bringing a lawsuit against them. (However, it is possible to have the debt waived by the creditor during settlement discussions).

Even if you have decided to file Bankruptcy, and you qualify, it is possible to retain a cause of action to pursue against a debt collector after your debts have been discharged.

Once you have retained our office, or another licensed attorney to pursue these predatory debt collectors, they are no longer allowed to contact you personally.

If you believe that you have been victimized, do not hesitate, the statute of limitations for bringing a cause of action under the FDCPA is (One year) from the date of the violation. If you believe that you have been victimized by a debt collector please call us.


Texas Collection Agencies:

1998 JM Associate LLC
1st American Credit Solutions LLC
1st Credit of America LLC
516 Main Inc
A & L Asset Management LLC
A & P Services
A & T Financial Services Inc
A C Collections Inc
A M Miller & Associates Inc
A S & Associates Recovery Experts Inc
A Williams & Williams Inc
A&S Collection Associates Inc
A/1 Rapid Recovery Inc
A/R Recovery Inc
A-1 Check Recovery Inc
AAA Collectors Inc
AAA Credit Service Collection Agency Inc
Aargon Agency Inc
Abacus Financial Management Services LP
Abacus Financial Management Services Ltd
Abbott Abrey & Beck Inc
DBA Abbott Abrey & Beck DBA Accent Accounts Bureau
Abbott Abrey & Beck Inc DBA Abbott Abrey & Beck DBA Accent Accounts Bureau
ABC Services
Able 2 Collect LLC
Able Credit Services Inc
Abrams and Adams Inc
Absolute Resolutions Corp
Academy Collection Service Inc
ACB American Inc
(fka Associated Credit & Collection Bureau Inc)
Accelerated Bureau of Collections Inc
Accelerated Financial Inc
Accelerated Receivables Solutions (ARS) Inc (fka Credit Bureau of Scottsbluff Inc dba Credit Bureau of Western Nebraska dba Checkfirst)
Accelerated Receivables Solutions Inc
Accelerated Recovery Group, Inc.
Access Credit Management Inc
Acclaim Credit Technologies
Acclaim Financial Services LLC
Accord Credit Company
Account Adjustment Bureau Inc
Account Control Bureau Inc
Account Control Systems Inc.
Account Control Technology Inc
Account Portfolios LLC
Account Portfolios LP
Account Recovery Services
Account Services Collections Inc
Account Solutions Group LLC
Account Solutions Group LLC (FKA Receivable Services of America LLC)
Accounts Receivable Consultants Inc
Accounts Receivable Consultants Inc (ARC Inc)
Accounts Receivable Management Inc
Accounts Receivable Management Inc dba New Jersey Accounts Receivable Management Inc
Accounts Receivable Service Corporation (ARSC)
Accounts Receivable Systems Inc
Accounts Research Inc
Accredited Collection Agency Inc
Accredited Collection Services Inc
Accu Chek Inc
Accurate Systems Financial
Accutran Recovery Services Inc
Ace Cash Express Inc
ACF Medical Services Inc
ACS State & Local Solutions Inc d/b/a LDC Collection Systems
ACS Systems Inc
Action Collection Agency Inc
Action Revenue Recovery LLC
Active Credit Services Inc
Adam Carr dba Texas Legal Resolution
Adams & Morse Associates Inc
Adjustment Bureau Inc
Adler Wallach & Associates Inc dba AWA Collections
ADP Collections Inc
ADS Global International Holdings Inc
Advance Collection Services Inc
Advanced Billing Concepts Inc
Advanced Call Center Technologies LLC
Advanced Credit Control Inc
Advanced Credit Management & Collection Services
Advanced Financial Company LLC
Advanced Financial Company LP
Advanced Receivable Solutions Inc
Advanced Recovery Systems Inc.
Advanced Retail Technologies Inc
Advantage Financial Services Inc
Advocate Inc dba Commercial & Medical Credit Services
Advocate Inc DBA Commercial & Medical Credit Services AFNI Inc
(fka Anderson Financial Network Inc)
AFS Automated Financial Solutions LLC
AGI Receivables Management Company
Aid Associates dba Plaza Associates
Aid Associates Inc dba Plaza Associates
AIH Receivable Management Services Inc
(fka Cannon Financial Inc)
AIM Healthcare Services Inc d/b/a Overpayment Recovery Service Healthcare Data Solutions
Alamo Collection Service
Alamo Collection Service Inc
Alamo Collection Service Inc (ACS)
Alan Michael's & Assoc Inc
Alegis Corporation
Alegis Group LP
Alexander & Hamilton Inc
Alexander Rose Associates Inc
Alfred L Barton dba Intercontinental Credit
Alfreda L Williams
All American Collection Services
All States Collection Service
All States Credit Service Inc dba All States Collection Service
All States Credit Services Inc
Allen Associates Inc
Allen Associates Inc
Allen Lewis & Associates Inc
Allen Michaels & Edwards Inc
Allen Stein & Durbin PC
Alliance Asset Management Inc
Alliance Recovery Inc
Alliance Recovery Management Inc
Alliance Recovery Services LLC
Allianceone Incorporated dba East Coast Credit, CBT Credit Services, ECC Management
Allianceone Incorporated dba East Coast Credit, ECC Management, CBT Credit Services
Allianceone Ltd
Allianceone Receivables Management Inc
AllianceOne Receivables Management Inc
Allied Account Services Inc
Allied Bond & Collection Agency Inc
Allied Bond & Collection Agency Incorporation
Allied Collection Service Inc
Allied Collection Services
Allied Credit Companies dba Allied Credit; Allied Commercial; & ACI
Allied Credit Companies, Allied Credit, Allied Commercial & ACI
Allied Creditor Service Inc
Allied Data Corporation
Allied Data Corporation
Allied International Credit Corp (US)
Allied Interstate Inc
Allied Interstate Inc
(fka Romac Enterprises Inc dba Romac Financial Services)
Allied Interstate Inc (fka Financial Management Control Inc)
Allied Interstate Inc (fka Financial Management Control of Arizona Inc)
Allied Interstate Inc (fka Collectech Systems Inc)
Allied Interstate Inc. (fka Collectech Systems Inc
Allied Interstate Inc. (fka Credit Systems Inc)
Allmed Recovery Corp dba Assured Collections Company
Allsectech Inc
Allstate Financial Services Inc dba Allstate Adjustment Bureau
Allstate Financial Services Inc.
Alonso & Cersonsky & Garcia PC
Alpat Company Inc
(fka Atlas Collections LLC dba Acctcorp Int)
Alternate Recoveries Inc
Alternative Revenue Systems Inc
Alternative Subrogation & Claims Consulting
Altmann & Chaux dba CFS Receivable Management
Amalia P Gorena DBA CPG Financial Services
Aman Collection Service Inc
Amarillo Check Recovery dba Check Alert
Amarillo Credit Association
Amaximis Lending LP
Amcol Systems Inc
Amcol Systems Inc
Amerassist A/R Solutions Inc
American Accounts Advisers Inc
American Accounts Management Inc
American Agencies
American Arbitration and Recovery Group LLC
American Bankers Financial Services Inc
American Billing Specialists
American Bureau of Collections Inc
American Collection Services Inc dba American Management Systems dba Interactive Collection Technology
American Collection Systems Inc
American Collection Systems Inc dba American Telecollet Inc.
American Collections & Credit Inc
American Collections Enterprises Inc.
American Collections Enterprises Incorporated
American Coradius Inc
American Coradius International LLC
American Credit & Collections Inc
American Credit & Collections Inc (ACCI)
American Credit Association Inc
American Credit Bureau Inc
American Credit Corporation dba American Credit Service
American Financial Consultants (NY) LLC
American Financial Recovery Group Inc
American International Recovery Inc
American Municipal Services Corp
American Municipal Services Corporation
American Network Leasing Corporation dba Premier Collection Services (FKA Electronic Data Systems Corporation)
American Professional Credit Inc
American Profit Recovery Inc.
American Recovery Service Inc dba Commercial Credit Recovery Service dba Receivable Management Support Systems dba Consumer Credit Recovery Service
American Recovery Service Inc dba Commercial Credit Recovery Service dba Receivable Management Support Systems dba Consumer Credit Recovery Service
American Recovery Systems Inc
American Revenue Management
American Road Recovery LLC
American Sterling Insurance Services
Americollect Inc
AmeriQuest Recovery Services LLC
Amresco Consumer Receivables Corporation
Amresco Ltd Investors LP
Amron Professional Services Inc
(fka J & J's Diversified Professional Services Inc)
Amrow Resources Corporation
Amsher Collection Services Inc
Anchor Recoveries Inc. dba Paradigm Financial Group International
Anderson Crenshaw & Associates LLC
Anderson Financial Network Inc
Andrew K Rozell
Angie Myers dba MCM Financial Recovery
Anthony J Flores PC
Apartment Collection Service Inc
Apex Financial Management LLC
Apollo Credit Agency Inc
Appleton Capital LLC
Application Research
Application Research - Collections
Applied Receivable Solutions LLC
AR Management & Solutions LLC
AR Resources Inc
Arca Accounts Receivable Collection Agency
Argent Healthcare Financial Services Inc
Argent Healthcare Financial Services Inc. (fka Paralign Revenue Management Inc)
Argyle Solutions Inc
Ariel Financial Services LLC
Armor Systems Corporation
Armstrong and Associates Inc
Arnold S Harris & Associates PC
Arnold Scott Harris
Arrow Financial Services LLC a Delaware Limited Liability Company
Arrow Service Bureau Inc
ARS National Services Inc dba National Student Loan Services dba Associated Recovery Systems (fdba Associated Recovery Systems Inc)
Arthur S Corrales Esq
Ascend Resources Inc
Ascension Recovery Management LLC
Ascension Services Inc
Ashwood Financial Services Inc (fka Lincoln Financial Services Inc)
Ashworth Financial Services
ASMC Servicing Ltd
Aspen National Financial Inc dba Aspen National Collections
Asset & Debt Recovery Group Inc
Asset Acceptance Corporation
Asset Acceptance LLC
(fka Asset Acceptance Corporation)
Asset Care Inc
Asset Management Outsourcing Recoveries Inc dba AMO Recoveries
Asset Management Outsourcing Recoveries Inc
(FKA Nationwide Recovery Service Inc)
Asset Recovery Systems
Assetcare Inc
Assets Recovered LLC
Associated Bureaus Inc dba Allied Medical Accounts Control dba Credit Convertors
Associated Bureaus Inc dba Credit Convertors DBA Allied Medical Accounts Control
Associated Collectors Inc
Associated Credit Services Inc
Associated Creditors Exchange Inc
Associated Recovery Systems Inc
Associated Resource Management
Associates Leasing Inc
ASTA Funding Acquisition I LLC
ASTA Funding Acquisition II LLC
ASTA Funding Acquisition III LLC
ASTA Funding Inc
ASTA Group Incorporation
Astra Business Services Inc
Astra Business Services Private Limited
Astra Business Services Pvt Ltd
Atkins Harris & Brown LLC
Atlantic Capital Group Inc
Atlantic Credit & Finance Inc
Attention LLC
Audit & Adjustment Company Inc
Audit Systems Inc
Austin Creditors Association
Austin Jobs Company
Auto Fund Servicing Inc
Autocorp Financial Services Inc
Automated Collection Services Inc
Automated Collection Technologies Inc
Automated Collection Technologies Inc (ACT)
Automated Credit Mgmt Inc dba Triad
Automated Recovery Systems Inc
Automated Recovery Systems Inc dba Healthcare Financial Management Services dba HFMS
Automated Recovery Systems of New Mexico Inc
(fka Automated Recovery Systems of New Mexico dba Checkrite)
Automated Revenue Management Inc
Avadanian & Adler Inc
Avalon Associates Inc
Avelo Mortgage LLC
Azimuth Financial Corporation
B - Real LLC
B A Bader & Associates P C
B C Services Inc
B Lowry Management Inc dba Association Management Services
Bainbridge Financial Corp
Bair & Fountain PC
Balcom Law Firm PC
Balcones Financial Services Inc dba Central Processing Agency
Balough Becker Ltd
Barnett and Garcia PLLC
Barr Mitchell & White Inc
Barrett Burke Wilson Castle Daffin & Frappier LLP
Barristers Collection Services Inc
Barron & Newburger PC
Barrows Manning & Wilson Inc
Barry Wade dba OFS
Bartley & Spears PC
Bass & Associates PC
Baton Rouge Collection Service Inc
Bay Area Credit Bureau Inc dba Comprehensive Collection Services
Bay Area Credit Service Inc.
Bayside Recovery Service Inc
Bayview Loan Servicing LLC
BBS Holdings Inc dba Checkcare Systems of Dallas / Ft Worth
BBS Holdings of Houston Inc dba Checkcare Systems of Houston
BBS Holdings of San Antonio Inc DBA Checkcare Systems of San Antonio
BCA Financial Services Inc
BCS Global Holdings Ltd
BDW & Associates Inc
Beacon Services LLC
Becky L Thomas dba Wheatstate Account Recovery
Bell Corporation of America
Benjamin A Burrell United Consumers Inc
Bennett & Weston PC
Berks Credit & Collections Inc
Berlin - Wheeler Inc
Berman & Rabin PA
Bernstein Bernstein Krawec & Wymard PC
Beth Blankenship dba Funds Management Resources
Betty Abrego dba American Recovery Bureau & Associates
Betty Ely dba Credit Bureau of Ada & Pontotoc County
BHR Enterprises Inc dba National Credit Investigation Bureau
BHR Enterprises Inc dba National Credit Investigation Bureau (NCIB)
Biehl & Biehl Inc
Bill R Mustain
Bill R Mustain DBA Mustain & Associates
Billie Brookins dba B & W Financial Service
Billy Dean Clayton dba Collection Management Services
Billy Joe Hobbs dba H & H Collectors
Billy Wayne & Barbara A Sellers dba Collection Services Unlimited
Bird & Shaw PC
BKB & Associates
Blaies & Hightower LLP
Blakely - Witt & Assoc Inc
Blalack & Williams A Professional Corporation
Blatt Hasenmiller Leibsker & Moore
Blatt Hasenmiller Leibsker Moore & Pellettieri
Bless Your Heart dba SCR Collection Services
Blibaum Garfinkel & Simons PA
Bluestone Law Ltd
BNA Financial Bureau Inc
Bomar Credit Corporation - Texas
Bonded Collection Corporation
Bonded Collectors LLC
Bonded Credit Bureau Inc dba DRS/Bonded Collection Systems
Borland and Borland
Bowman Business Services
BPM Enterprises
Brasch and McCampbell International
Brent P Burford Attorney
Brian D Grace dba Texas Check Recovery
Brian Krpec dba Collections Systems
Brice Vander Linden & Wernick PC
Bridgeport Financial Inc
Brittingham Financial Services Inc
Bronson & Migliaccio LLP
Brookhaven Assets Management LLC
Broward Adjustment Services Inc
Brown & Shapiro LLP
Brown Martin & Associates Inc
Brownwood Merchants Association Inc
BRW Financial Company
Bryan Gantt PC
Buchholz Sassin & Demato PLLC (fka Buchholz & McCall PC)
Bureau of Collection Recovery Inc
Bureau of Commercial Collection Inc dba Professional Recovery Systems
Bureau of Recovery LLC
Burns and Carlisle
Busch Management Systems Inc
Business Creditor Management Inc
Business Creditor Management Inc
Business Office Systems & Solutions LLC (fka Business Office Systems & Solutions)
Business Revenue Systems Inc
Butler & Hailey PC
C B Accounts Inc
C B Collections & Consultation Inc
C Doyle Lee Attorney at Law
C&M Claims Service Inc
CAC Financial Corp (fka Credit Adjustment Company Inc)
Cachequest Systems LP
CACV of Colorado LLC (fka CACV Inc)
Cade Ltd dba Burt & Associates
Caine & Weiner Company Inc
Cal - Western Reconveyance Corporation
Calame Linebarger Graham & Pena
Calame Linebarger Graham and Pena
California Financial Credit Association
Callahan Phillips & Adams LLC
Calmco Servicing LP
(FKA Calmco Inc)
CAL-Spv Inc
Capital Acquisitions & Management Company
Capital Collectors LLC
Capital Credit Corporation
Capital Crossing Asia
Capital Management Services Inc
Capital One Auto Finance Inc
Capital One Bank
Capital Recovery Associates Inc
Capital Recovery Service Inc
Capital Recovery Service LLC
Cardholder Management Services LLC
Cardon Healthcare Network Inc
Carnohan Collection Services LLC
Carter Business Service Inc dba Capital Credit Corporation
Casey & Nicholl Associates
Cash Flow Consultants Inc
Cashflow Recovery LLC dba CFR
Cashflow Specialists Inc
Cashretriever Systems Inc dba AIG
Cavalry Portfolio Services LLC
Cavalry Recoveries LLC
CB Solutions LLC
CBC Companies Inc
CBC Credit Services of North Dakota Inc
CBT Financial Services dba CBT Credit Services
CBT Financial Services Inc dba CBT Credit Services
CC Operations LLC
CCA of Hanover
CCB Credit Services Inc
CCI Check Recovery Inc
CDA Ltd dba Creditors Discount & Audit Company
CenterOne Debt Management Services LLC
CenterOne Financial Services LLC
Central Billing Services Inc
Central Credit Control
Central Credit Corporation
Central Credit Services Inc
Central Portfolio Control Inc
Central States Recovery Inc
Centrix Financial LLC
Centroplex Credit Reporting & Collections dba Credit Collections Instachek (fka Centroplex Credit Reporting & Collections Inc dba Credit Collections)
Centroplex Credit Reporting & Collections dba Credit Collections; Instachek
Centurion Capital Corporation
Certegy Payment Recovery Services Inc
Certified Bureau of The South Inc
Certified Collectors Inc.
Certified Collectors Inc.
Certified Credit Consultants LLC
Certified Recovery Systems Inc
Certified Recovery Systems LLP
(fka Certified Recovery Systems Inc)
CEX Financial Services Inc dba Collection Express Services
(fka Collection Express Services Inc)
CF Data Corp
CFC India Services Pvt Ltd
CFG Acceptance LLC
CFG Credit LP
CFG Credit LP
Chalker Bair PC
Challenger Financial Services LLC
Champion Acceptance Corporation
Charge - Off General dba Charge - Off Clearing House
Charge - Off Partners #1 LP
Charge - Off Partners #3 LP
Charles & Patricia Miller dba Pap Financial Services
Charles Nkwo Miller
Chasing Crooks Inc dba Harrell & Associates
Chavis Enterprises LLC dba Beaumont Financial Service LLC
Chec -Point Financial Services Inc
Check Control Inc dba Xact!
Check King Collection Agency Inc
Check Law Recovery Systems Inc
Check Plus Systems Inc
Check Recovery Solutions LLC
Check Rite of East Texas Inc
Check Technologies Inc
Checkcare Systems of Dallas/Ft Worth
Checkcare Systems of Houston
Checkmate (aka CKMT Inc dba Checkmate)
Checkmate Collections
Checkmate Division of JCC Corp
Checkmatic Recovery Systems
Checkrite Ltd
Checkrite of Austin BSLS Inc
CheckRite of Oklahoma City Inc dba Checkrite
(fka Credit Bureau Services Assoc dba Collection Service Bureau Checkrite of Oklahoma and University Collection)
Checks Unlimited Inc
Checksmart Inc
Cheryl L Hobbs dba CLH Research
Chex Protect Inc
Chex Systems Inc dba Chexsystems Collection Agency
Chexpert Inc
Chick & Associates Inc
Child Support Network Inc
Chris Carnahan
Chris F Kain dba Accelerated Recovery Service
Christina E Kobus dba Premium Credit
Christopher D Brashear dba Restaurant E Fund Collections
Christopher M Ranieri PA
Christus Health dba TLRA
(fka Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word dba TLRA (Texas-Louisiana Recovery Association))
CIC Plan Inc
CIRN Inc dba Industrial Credit Service
CITM LLC (fka AWPC Collection Services LLC)
City Holding Company
Cizzers Inc T/A East Coast Credit
CK Financial Services LLP
CKS Investments Inc dba Instacheck; Checkstar; & Express Collection Service
CKS Investments Inc dba Instacheck; Checkstar; and Express Collection Service
Clarke County Billing & Collections Inc
Clarke County Billing & Collections Inc (CCB & C Inc.)
Classified Accounts Management Co Inc dba CAMCO
Classified Accounts Management Co Inc dba Camco
Clayton National Inc
Clearcheck Inc
Client Services Inc
Clientside Collection Agency Inc
CMD Account Management Inc
CMRE Financial Services Inc
Coast Financial Services Inc.
Coast Professional
Codar Inc dba J J MacIntyre Co
Codilis & Stawiarski PC
Cody Barden Daniels & Palo Inc dba The Commercial Agency
Colam Inc dba Checks
Colam Inc dba Checks/Collect America
Coldata Inc.
Coldata of Arizona Inc.
(fka Coldata Inc.)
Coldata of Texas
Collateral Security LLC
Collect America Ltd
Collect More Checks
Collectcorp Corporation
Collectech Diversified Inc
Collectech Financial Services Inc dba Prime Financial Services II
Collectech Systems Inc
Collection Associates
Collection Associates Ltd
Collection Bureau Inc
Collection Bureau of America Ltd. Dba CBA Collection Bureau of America dba CBA Financial Services (fka County Credit Control Company)
Collection Bureau of Orlando Inc
Collection Bureau of San Jose
Collection Bureau of the Hudson Valley Inc
Collection Bureau of Walla Walla Inc
Collection Express Services Inc
Collection Express Services of Dallas Inc
Collection Hunter.Com Inc
Collection Information Bureau Inc
Collection Management Network LLC
Collection Service Bureau Inc
Collection Service Bureau of Pontiac
Collection Service Inc
Collection Service of Nevada
Collection Services Inc
Collection Solutions II
Collection Specialists International Inc
Collection Technology Inc
Collections By Counsel Inc
Collections Inc
Collections Incorporated
Collections Solutions Inc
Collections Unlimited Inc
Collections Unlimited Inc / A Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Asset Management Outsourcing Inc
Collections Unlimited of Texas Inc
Collecto Inc dba MBI
Collecto Inc dba MBI
(former dba Collection Co of America)
Collectone Inc
Collectors Training Institute Inc
Collectors Training Institute of Illinois Inc dba CTI Collections Services
Collectrite of Texas Inc El Paso
Collectrite of Texas Inc.
Collectron of Atlanta Inc
Colleen Jacobs
Collins & McDaniel
Collins Law Office LLC
Colonial Credit Corporation
Colorado Asset & Financial Group
Colorado Asset & Financial Group Inc
Colorado Capital Investments Inc
Columbia Collection Service Inc
Columbia Credit Services Inc
Commerce Clearing Co LLC
Commercial Auditors Corporation dba National Auditing Bureau
Commercial Check Control Inc
Commercial Financial Services Inc
Commercial Industries Service Company Inc dba CISCO Inc
Commercial Loan Services Inc
Commercial Receivables
Commercial Research Analysis Inc
Commercial Research Asset Services LLC
Commercial Services Group Inc
Commonwealth Financial Systems Inc
Commonwealth Information Service Inc; Equidata Inc ; Peninsula Credit Bureau
Commonwealth Marketing Group Inc
T/D/B/A Cryuse Marketing Group
Compass Receivables Management Corporation
Compass Receivables Management LP (fka Nationwide Debt Recovery LP (NDR))
Complete Care Inc
Complete Credit Solutions
Complete Outsourcing Solutions Inc
Comprehensive Receivables Group Inc dba Comprehensive Collections Services
(fka Comprehensive Receivables Group Inc dba NCI & National Collections Inc.)
Compu - Data Inc
Computer Cheque Corp
Computer Credit Inc
Computer Experts Inc dba The Processing Center
Comstock Holdings Inc dba Superlative RM
Concord Servicing Corporation
Conrad Credit Corporation
Consolidated Collection & Credit Bureau Inc
Consolidated Collection Service LLC
Construction Credit Specialists Inc dba Credit Management Consulting Co
Consumer Adjustment Co
Consumer Adjustment Company Inc
Consumer Collection Management Inc
Consumer Portfolio Services Inc
Consumer Portfolio Services, Inc.
Consumer Recovery Systems Inc
Consumerlink Acquisition Inc
Contemporary Financial Services dba National Account Adjusters Inc
Continental Central Credit Inc
Continental Claims Inc
Continental Collection Bureau
Continental Recovery Services
Continental Service Group Inc dba Conserve
Core Collection Co Inc
Core Collection Company Inc
Cornerstone Association Management
Cornerstone Credit Corporation
Corporate Collection Services Inc
Corporate Investigative Services Inc
Corporate Receivables Inc
Corpra Care Inc
(FKA Spectrum Financial Services Inc)
Corrigan & Corrigan LLC
Cottonwood Financial Texas LP
Council For South Texas Economic Progress Inc
Countrywide Home Loans Inc.
Countrywide Home Loans Servicing LP
County Collection Services
County Recovery Center
CPM Financial
CR Services Jamaica Limited
Craig Bagdon dba Ticket Track
Cramer Financial Group Inc
Cramer Financial Group Inc dba Cramer & Marshall (CFG)
Crawford & Company
Craytor & Grimes Attorney at Law
(fka Bart C Craytor Attorney at Law)
Credigy Receivables Inc
Credigy Services Corp
Credit Acceptance Corporation
Credit Acceptance T/A Crescent Acceptance Corp
Credit Account Transaction System Inc
Credit Account Transaction Systems Inc
Credit Adjustment Co Inc
Credit Adjustment Service
(fka Helen L & James V White dba Credit Adjustment Service)
Credit Bureau Accounts Inc
Credit Bureau Associates Northeast Inc
Credit Bureau Central Inc
Credit Bureau Collections Services Inc dba CBCS
Credit Bureau Data Inc
Credit Bureau of Baton Rouge Inc
Credit Bureau of Canyon Inc
Credit Bureau of Chickasha Inc
Credit Bureau of Culllman Inc
Credit Bureau of El Paso Inc
Credit Bureau of Erie Inc
Credit Bureau of Fairbault Inc
Credit Bureau of Farmington Inc
Credit Bureau of Fort Smith Inc
Credit Bureau of Greater Greensboro Inc
dba Credit Bureau Collection Center
Credit Bureau of Hereford Inc
Credit Bureau of Howell County
Credit Bureau of Huntsville
Credit Bureau of Lake Charles
Credit Bureau of Lancaster County Inc
Credit Bureau of Marshall
Credit Bureau of McAlester Inc
Credit Bureau of Napa County dba Chase Receivables
Credit Bureau of Napa County Inc dba Chase Receivables
Credit Bureau of New Ulm Inc dba Lindy's Collection Service Inc / Checksafe
Credit Bureau of North America LLC
Credit Bureau of North Texas Inc
Credit Bureau of Opeleusas and General Collections & Recoveries Inc
Credit Bureau of Opelousas and General Collections & Recoveries Inc
Credit Bureau of San Angelo Inc
Credit Bureau of San Angelo Inc
Credit Bureau of Scottsbluff Inc dba Credit Bureau of Western Nebraska
Credit Bureau of Texas Inc (CBTI) (FKA Credit Bureau Collection Division)
Credit Bureau of the Greater Texas Hill Country
Credit Bureau of the South Inc
Credit Bureau of Ukiah Inc
Credit Bureau of West Bend Inc
Credit Bureau of York Inc & Adams County
Credit Bureau Services
Credit Bureau Services Association dba Collection Service Bureau & dba University Collections
Credit Bureau Services Inc
Credit Bureau Services of Iowa Inc
Credit Bureau Systems Inc
Credit Bureau Tahoe - Truckee Inc
Credit Card Debt Solutions Inc
Credit Check Inc
Credit Collection Professionals Inc
(fka Commercial Creditor's Bureau Inc)
Credit Collections Inc
Credit Consultants of Central Carolina LLC
Credit Control Bureau Inc
Credit Control Co Inc
Credit Control Inc
Credit Control Services Inc
Credit Control Services Inc dba Credit Collection Services
Credit International Corporation dba CCV Computer Check Verification
Credit Lenders Financial Services Inc
Credit Management Company
Credit Management Control Inc
Credit Management Inc
Credit Management LP
Credit Network
Credit One Company dba Pal Financial
Credit One LLC
Credit Plus Collection Services & Logi Chek
Credit Plus Inc
Credit Protection Association LP
Credit Service Company
Credit Service Inc
Credit Service Inc dba CSI Group
dba Collection Services International
dba Confidential Security Investigations
dba Combined Services for Insurance
Credit Service International of Baltimore Inc
Credit Systems Inc
Credit Systems International Inc
Credit Union Recovery Inc (CU Recovery)
Credit Vision Inc
Credit World Services Inc
Creditek Corp
Creditek Medifinancial Inc
Creditmax LLC
Creditor Holdings LLC
Creditor Recovery Corporation
Creditor Services Inc
Creditors Collection Service of Los Angeles dba Premium Collection Services (fka Creditors Collection Service of Orange County Inc)
Creditors' Collection Service of Los Angeles Inc dba Premium Collection Service
Creditors' Collection Service of Orange County Inc dba Premium Collection Service
Creditors Financial Group LLC
Creditors Financial Services Inc
Creditors Interchange Agency LLC
Creditors Interchange Inc
Creditors Interchange Receivable Management LLC
Creditors Multi Systems
Creditors Recovery Service Inc
Creditors Resource Services A Division of ICUL Service Corp (CRS) (fka Central Collection Service A Division of ICUL Service Corporation)
Creditors Service Bureau of El Paso Inc
Creditors Service of Indiana Inc
Creditrust Corporation
Creditwatch Inc
Creditwatch Services LLC (fka Creditwatch Services LP)
Creditwatch Services LP
Creditwatch Services Ltd
Crescent City Credit Recovery Inc
Crescent Recovery LLC
CRI Recoveries LP (aka Communication Resources Incorporated)
Cromwell Adjustment Bureau
CRU & Associates Inc
CRW Financial Inc (fka Casino & Credit Services Inc dba CRW Financial)
CSC Accounts Management Inc dba CSC Credit Services Inc
CSC Logic Inc
CSC Professional Services Inc
CU Recovery Inc
Custom Collections LLC
CybrCollect Inc
Cygnet Financial Services Inc An Arizona Corporation
Cymetrix Corporation dba Healthcare Recovery Solutions
Cypress Financial Services Inc
D C Credit Services Inc
D K Fulk Associates of Carolina Inc
D Michael Dendy A Professional Law Corporation
D Scott Carruthers Esq
D W Story & Associates
Dabow Inc DBA Check Technologies Inc
Daksh Eservices Private Limited
Dale L Trimble
Dallas Adjustment Bureau dba League Adjustment Services; Commercial Management Systems
Dallas Adjustment Bureau Inc dba League Adjustment Service Commercial Management Systems
Dallas Association of Credit Management Inc dba NACM Southwest
DAN Joint Venture III LP
Dan Solley dba American Credit Assistance Company
Daniel N Gordon PC
Daniel Trust Company Inc
Daniels & Norelli PC
Danmar Credit Group LLC
Dannis and Dannis Inc
Darrell W Cook PC dba The Law Office of Darrell W Cook
Data Chek LLC
Data Chek LLC
Data Line Credit Corporation of Texas Inc
Data Search Inc
Data Search Inc
Data Trace Corporation
Datamax Corp dba Interstate Credit Bureau Collections
DataMax Corporation dba Interstate Credit Collections
Daughtry & Scott PC
David and Jeremy Verret and James Childers dba Debt Away
David Bowen dba Redrock Industries
David D Dickerson & Associates - A Professional Corp
David H Cohen dba Investigative Resources
David Kt Mureeba dba Asset Enhancement Consultants
David Taylor & Associates LLC
David V Margolin Esq PC
David Wayne Cox dba First Priority Credit Services
Davis Law Associates
DCS Enterprises Inc dba Diversified Services Group
Dean Morgan & Steve Konowe dba Morgan Recovery
(fka Dean Morgan & Steve Konowe dba K & M Ins Consultants)
Debis Financial Services Inc
Debit Checks Inc dba The Aegis
Debora Small and Juanita Smith dba Debt Recovery Services
Debt Collection DCI Inc
Debt Control Center Inc
Debt Credit Services
Debt Locators & Liquidators Inc
Debt Recovery Solutions LLC
Deirdre Osborn dba Credit Bureau of Friona
Delivery Verification Service Inc
DELPHI Financial Services LLC
Delphi Global Solutions Inc dba Strategic Recovery Group
Delta Card Services Inc (fka US Recovery Systems Inc)
Delta Financial Services
Delta Management Associates Inc
Delta Management Group Inc dba Delta Recovery Services
Denous Corporation Ltd (LLC)
Denovus Corporation Ltd (LLC)
Dependon Collection Service Inc
Deposit Payment Protection Services Inc (DPPS)
(fka Deluxe Payment Protection Systems Inc fka Electronic Transaction Corporation dba ETC)
Derose Merchant Services Inc
Derrick S Harrington and Joseph B Simpson dba Harrington Simpson & Associates
Derrick S Harrington dba Harrington & Associates
(FKA Derrick S Harrington and Joseph B Simpson dba Harrington Simpson & Associates)
Designed Receivable Solutions Inc
Dietz - Beam Inc dba D & B Financial
Dietz - Beam Inc dba DFW Direct
(fka Dietz - Beam Inc. dba D & B Financial)
Dimark Inc
Direcmanagement Inc
Direct Check
Direct Check Inc
Diversified Acceptance Corporation dba M Leonard & Associates
Diversified Account Systems of Georgia Inc
Diversified Collection Services Inc
Diversified Consultants Inc
Diversified Credit Services Inc
Diversified Credit Systems
Diversified Financial Systems Inc
Diversified Healthcare Services Inc
Diversified Receivables Management Inc
Diversified Recovery Services Inc
Divine & Service Ltd
DM Services Inc
D-Med Corporation
D-Med Corporation (fka D-Med Financial Services Inc)
DMJ Solutions LLC
Doctors Reporting Service of Texas Inc
Dohahue Law Group
Dominion Credit Services LLC
Don B Taylor dba Credit Bureau of Paris
Donald W and Marta C Zuber dba A to Z Solutions
Donald W Hulm
Doreen Camillone dba National Credit Shield
Dorothy White dba Anderson Taylor and Taylor
Douglas A Price dba Price and Associates
Douglass Collection Agency Inc
Dow Howell and McClinton LLP
DRA Inc dba Ditore Ruibal & Associates
Dreams R Us Properties dba TASC
DSY Recovery Services LLC
DTG Holdings Inc dba ACCESS Receivables Management
Duane C Romanello PA
Dun & Bradstreet Inc dba Dun & Bradstreet Receivable Management Services
Dun & Bradstreet Inc dba Kuff Mercantile Agency
Dun & Bradstreet Inc dba Program Management Services
Dun & Bradstreet Inc
(formerly dba Dun & Bradstreet Receivable Management Services)
Dunstan Capital LLC
Dunstone Financial LLC
Durango Credit & Collection Co Inc
Duvera Billing Services LLC
Dyck - O'Neal Inc
Dymacol Inc
Dynamic Recovery Services Inc
E A Uffman and Associates Inc
E L Ball dba Ball Collection Agency
E R Receivables Corp LLC
e.Money Inc
Eagle Credit Resources LLC
Eastern Account Systems of Connecticut Inc
Eastern Collection Corporation
Eastern Collection Corporation (FKA Eastern Credit Corporation)
Eastern Mercantile Corp
Ebbets Partners Ltd
eCast Settlement Corporation
ECC Management Services Inc
eConduit Corporation
Economic Control Systems Inc
Economic Solutions Inc
EDS Information Services LLC
Education Credit Services LC
Education Credit Services LC
Education Debt Services Inc
Educational Recovery Services LP (ERS)
Edward Jr & Rebecca Hartnett dba Collection Solutions
Edward Sloan & Assoc (FKA Gary Lynn Isham dba Edward Sloan & Assoc)
Edward T Burke & Associates PC
Edwin E Johansson III dba Checkmate of Longview
Eikenburg & Stiles PC
Electronic Check Alliance Processing Inc
Electronic Check Corp dba Banctec
Electronic Financial Group Corporation
Electronic Payment Systems Inc
Eligibility Consultants Inc
Elite Data Group Inc
Elite Recovery Services Inc
Elizabeth J Grossman
Ellis Crosby & Associates Inc
EMCC Inc (fka East Mississippi Collection Corp)
Empire Management Services Inc
Empire Solutions Inc
Employment Opportunities Inc; Connie Vogler aka Connie Cooke
Encircle Collections Inc
Encore Receivable Management Canada Inc
Encore Receivable Management Inc
Enhanced Recovery Corporation
Enstar Capital Company
Enterprise Recovery Systems Inc
Epicenter Technologies Private Limited
EPN Inc dba E Partner Net
Equiant Financial Services Inc
Equifax Credit Information Services Inc dba Equifax RAM
Equifax Credit Information Services Inc DBA Equifax Risk Management Services
Equifax Risk Management Services A Division of Equifax Credit Information Services Inc (FKA Integratec)
Equifax Risk Management Services, A Division of Equifax Credit Information Services Inc (FDBA Equifax Accounts Receivable Services)
Equinox Financial Management Solutions Inc
Equitable Financial Services LLC
Equity Recovery Enterprises Inc
ER Solutions Inc
ER Solutions Inc.
(fla International Mercantile Co Inc and International Commercial Collectors)
Eric M Berman PC
Ernest A Kollra PA
Ernst Artmann & Associates
e-Serve International Limited
E-Service Incorporated
Eskanos & Adler
Eskanos & Adler A Professional Corporation
Estate Information Services LLC
Estate Recoveries Inc
Euler Hermes ACI Collection Services Inc
(FKA Euler ACI Collection Services Inc)
Evergreen Professional Recoveries Inc
Evergreen Sales & Marketing Inc
Excalibur Credit Services LLC
Excalibur I LLC
Executive Collection Bureau Inc
Executive Credit Control Inc
Executive Credit Management
Executive Financial Company
Executive Financial Consultants Inc
Executive Management Services
Exlservice.com (India) Private Limited
EXLService.com (India) Pvt Ltd
Exterra Credit Recovery Inc
ExTerra Credit Recovery Inc
(FKA ExTerra Credit Recovery LLC)
EZ Financial & Mortgage Inc dba Smart Solutions F H Canne & Associates Inc
Fair Collections & Outsourcing Inc
Fairlane Credit LLC
Farmers Financial Services Inc
FB Collections Inc aka FBCI aka FB Collections
FCC Financial Credit Consultants
FDM Inc dba Professional Receivables Management (fka Federal Debt Management Inc)
FEDChex Recovery LLC
Federal Bond & Collection Service Inc
Federal Bond & Collection Service Inc dba FBCS Inc
Federal Credit Corp
Federal Debt Recovery Inc
Federal Management Corp
Federal Pacific Credit Company LLC
Federal Services Corporation
Federated Debt Recovery Inc
Federated Financial Services Inc
Federated Recovery of Washington Inc
FEFCO LLC dba First Collection Services Co
Fefco LLC dba First Collection Services Company
Fidelity Information Corporation
Fidelity National Credit Services
Fidelity National Credit Services Ltd
Fidelity Risk Solutions LLC
Finance Systems of Green Bay Inc
Financial Adjustment Bureau Inc
Financial Asset Management Systems Inc
Financial Assistance Inc
Financial Claims Control Inc
Financial Claims Inc
Financial Collection Agencies (1990) Inc
Financial Collection Agencies (1990) Inc (fka Financial Collection Agencies (NA) Inc)
Financial Control Services
Financial Corporation of America
Financial Credit Corporation
Financial Credit LLC
(fka Financial Credit Corporation)
Financial Credit Network Inc
Financial Debt Recovery Service Inc
Financial Enterprises Inc DBA Wyse Financial Services Inc
Financial Management & Associates Inc
Financial Management Control Inc
Financial Management Control Inc DBA Medical Claims and Collections Inc
Financial Management Control Inc dba Medical Claims and Collections Inc
Financial Management Control of Arizona Inc
Financial Management Control of Arizona Inc FFC/MCCI Inc (FN)
Financial Management Services Inc
Financial Recovery Services
Financial Recovery Services Inc
Financial Responsibility Inc
Financial Trade Services Inc
Finical Management Control Inc DBA Medical Claims & Collections
FINOVA Loan Administration Inc
FINOVA Portfolio Services Inc.
First American Default Management Solutions LLC dba First American Loss Mitigation Services
First Automated Systems & Technology Inc
First Choice Financial Inc
First Collect Inc
First Collect Inc
First Credit Services Inc dba Accounts Receivable Technologies
First Credit Services Inc dba Stanley Weinberg & Associates
First Credit Solutions Inc
First Data Resources Inc
First Financial Asset Management Inc DBA Fidelity Risk Solutions
First National Collection Bureau Inc
First Performance Recovery Corp
First Platinum Corporation
First Resolution Management Corporation
First Revenue Assurance LLC
First Revenue Assurance LLC dba American Banco
First Select Corporation
First Select Inc
FirstCity Consumer Servicing Corporation
FirstCity Servicing Corporation
FirstCity Servicing Corporation of Minnesota
Firstcollect Inc
FirstOutsource Management Inc.
Firstpoint Collection Resources Inc
FJR Asset Management LLC
Flash Cash Inc dba State Metropolitan & County Services
Fleet Mortgage Group Inc
Fleet Services Corporation
Floy Herta Jeffares JD PC
FM Services Corporation
(Merged with Payco - General American Credits Inc.)
FMA Alliance Ltd
FMA Alliance Ltd (FKA FMA Enterprises Inc)
FMA Enterprises Inc
FMS Investment Corp dba Financial Management Systems
Focus Receivables Management LLC
Foote Read Co
Foote Read Co
Forever Investments Inc.
Forster & Garbus
Forster and Garbus
Francis & Orr LLP
Francis & Orr LLP
rank Pinedo
Franklin Acceptance Corporation
Franklin Collection Service Inc
Franklin Credit Management Corporation
Franklin Financial Inc
Frank's Adjustment Bureau Inc.
Frauman Recovery Service Inc
Frederick Enterprises Inc dba Credit Bureau of Lufkin
Frederick J Hanna & Associates
Frederick J Hanna and Associates PC
Fredericksburg Credit Bureau Inc
Freedman & Price PC
Friedman Clark and Shapiro Inc
Frontier Funding Corporation
Frost - Arnett Company
Fulbright Stern and Davenport Inc
G Fred Davis dba Guardian Collection Bureau
G Gaye Thompson
Gabriel Dean Herald
Gaetano's Financial Services LLC
Galaxy Credit LLC
Galaxy Recovery Systems Inc
Gamache & Myers PC
Gary S Olshan PC
GBI Services LLC
GC Services (Barbados) SRL
GC Services Limited Partnership
GC Teleservices Canada Corp
GE Capital Claims Services Inc
Gecis Process Services LLC
General Accounts Service Inc
General Business Recoveries Inc
General Collections & Recoveries Inc
General Revenue Corp
General Revenue Corporation
General Service Bureau Inc
General Service Bureau Inc
Genesis Collection Services Inc
Genesis Financial Services Corporation
Genesis Financial Solutions Inc
Genesys Credit Management Inc
George C Witte
George Kennedy Silverman LLC
Gerald L Warren dba Warren Warren & Associates
Gerry B Cooper Attorney at Law
GFA Inc dba DRC Services Group
GFS Incorporated
GHH Service Corporation
Gila Corporation dba Municipal Service Bureau dba Gila Group
Gila Corporation dba Municipal Services Bureau
Gilbert Hunter Shuman & Associates Inc
Gillery & Company Investigations Inc
Giove Law Office PC
Glacier Financial Services Incorporated
Glen Daniels Corporation dba Imperial Collection Services (fka Imperial Collection Services)
Glenn Associates Inc
Glenn Associates Mid-Atlantic Inc
Global Acceptance Credit Corporation
Global Attorney's Network
Global Check Recovery Inc dba Global Check Recovery
Global Payments Check Recovery Services Inc
Global Payments Check Recovery Services Inc dba Checkrite
(fka Checkrite Recovery Services Inc)
Global Payments Check Services Inc
Global Payments Check Services Inc
(fka NDC Check Services Inc)
Global Recovery Services India PVT LTD
Global Recovery Services LLC
Global Vantedge Inc
Global Vantedge Inc
(f/k/a RCS Centre Corp dba RCS Centre India Private Limited)
Globaltech Collection Services LLC
GMAC Mortgage Corporation
Gold Key Credit Inc
Gold Star Services Inc
Goldman & Warshaw PC
Go-More Financial Inc
Goodman Stewart & Phillips Inc
Goodwin & Bryan LLP (fka Goodwin Bryan Schill LLP)
Goodyear & Associates Inc
Graham Knight & Associates Inc
Graline Financial Services Inc
Granada Services Limited
Granite Loan Management LLC
Grant & Weber
Great Lakes Collection Bureau Inc
Greenberg Grant & Richards Inc
Gregory R Terra dba Law Offices of Gregory R Terra
Griffin & Associates of South Florida Inc
Guardian Financial Corporation
Gulf Coast Collections Inc
Gulf Coast Financial Services
Gulf State Credit LLC
Gulf State Credit LP
Gulf States Collection Services
Gunn - Town & Associates Inc
Guy C Klingensmith dba Huntsville Credit Management
H & R Accounts Inc
H A Funding LLC
H E Stark Agency Inc
Halnan Inc
Hanway Medical Billing Plus
Hardy Atherton Dollahite & Ritcheson PC
Harmon Perryman Jr dba Perryman Business Services LLC
Harold E Scherr
Harrell Pailet & Associates
Harris & Dial PC (fka Schreiber & Associates PC / Business and Trial Lawyers)
Harris & Harris Ltd
Harrison & Taylor LLC
Harrison Ross Byck Esq
Harry E Cohn & Associates PC
Harry J Fisk Attorney at Law
Hart Services Inc dba Business & Professional Collection Bureau
Hart Services Inc dba Business & Professional Collections Bureau
Harvard Collection Services Inc
Havins & Associates PC
Hawk * I Inc.
Haymon L Parker dba The Professionals
HCCCI - Houston Commercial Credit & Collection Inc.
HCFS Revenue Management Inc
HCRR Healthcare Revenue Recovery LLC
Heady Financial Corporation
Health Receivables Inc
Health Receivables Inc
Health Systems Associates Inc
Healthcare Advisory Associates
Healthcare Collections Inc
Healthcare Financial Services LLC
Healthcare Management Solutions LLC dba Healthcare Recovery Solutions
Heartland Financial Services Inc
Helen L White dba Credit Adjustment Service "CAS"
HHL Financial Services Inc
Highlands Credit Corp
Hilgers & Watkins PC
Hill Top Collections Inc
Hill Top Collections Inc
Hines Hurlston Ventures
HIS Financial Services LLC
HLS Financial Group Inc
Hollis Cobb Associates Inc
Holloway Credit Bureau Companies
Holloway Credit Bureau Companies LLC
Holloway Credit Solutions LLC
(fka Credit Bureau of Montgomery LLC)
Homecomings Financial Network
Homecomings Financial Network Inc
HomEq Servicing Corporation
Honor Creditors Agency Inc
Honor Creditors Agency Inc
Honor Creditors Agency Inc
Hoover Slovacek LLP
Horizon Recovery Services LP dba Quik Solutions
Hospital Billing and Collections Service
Hospital Receivables Service Inc
Hospital Receivables Service Inc United States Credit Association Inc Health Receivables Inc
Hosto & Buchan PLLC
Household Recovery Services Corporation
Houston Funding Corporation
Houston Funding II Ltd
Howard A Wurman PC (fka Mims Wurman & Fischer PC)
Howard L Stomel A Professional Corporation
Howell & McClinton PC
HP and Associates Inc dba Hutchison Perry and Associates Inc
HSI Financial Services Inc
Hudson & Keyse LLC
Hughes Watters & Askanase LLP
Hunter Warfield Inc
Hurley State Bank
I C System Inc
(IC System Inc)
I-9 Financial Services
ICS Financial Services Corp
IEI Financial Services LLC
Ienergizer Inc
iGate Global Solutions Limited
IMBS Inc dba IMBS Collections
Immediate Credit Recovery Inc
Imperial Credit Systems Inc
Imperial Credit Systems Inc. (fka Imperial Collection Services of Colorado Inc dba ICS)
Imperial Merchant Services Inc DBA Check Recovery Systems
Imperial Partners Ltd
Incarnate Word Health Services DBA Diversified Credit Services
Incarnate Word Health Services
DBA Diversified Credit Services
Incipient Outsourcing Inc
Independent Recovery Resources Inc
Independent Service Company
Infiser Inc dba Diversified International Financial Services
Information Technology & Credit Corporation (ITC) (FKA Metropolitan Resource Corporation (Metrosource))
Ingram & Associates LLC
Ingram and Associates LLC
Innovative Business Solutions Inc
Inovision Inc dba Inovision of Virginia
Instachek of Texas
Institute of Business Practices Inc
Insurex Inc
Integrated Accounts Services LLC
Integrated Credit Solutions Inc
Integrated Transaction Services
Intelenet Global Services Ltd
InterBay Funding LLC
Inter-Billing Services
International Account Systems Inc
International Account Systems Inc dba MCA International
International Check Services Inc
International Check Services Inc (fka NPC Check Services Inc)
International Collection Agency LLC
International Collection Corp
International Collection Services Inc dba Republic Assurance Corporation
International Computer Systems
International Computer Systems Inc dba First Collections & First Collection Services
International Financial Services Inc
International Telemedia Associates Inc dba Highland Group
Interstate Collection Bureau Inc
Intervention Reinforcement Bureau
Invest Services Co Inc
Investigative Recovery Services
Investment For U Inc
Investment Recovery Services LLC
Irv Borenstein Attorney At Law
Island National Group LLC
J & J's Diversified Professional
J Anthony Cambece Law Office PC (fka J Anthony Cambece)
J C Christensen & Associates Inc
J J MacIntyre Co Inc
J J Macintyre Co Inc
J Wilson & Associates PC
Jack L Daniel Inc
Jackpot Collections & Subrogation Services
Jaffe & Asher LLP
James A West PC
James C Bray
James Heston Wagner & Evans Inc
James N Hull & Associates PC dba Hull & Associates PC
(fka Freedman Hull Mathews & Price PC Attorneys At Law)
James William Freyer
Jana Ferrell & Associates LLC
Janice E Cohen
Jason Paul Richard dba Southeast Texas Recovery Services
Javitch Block Eisen & Rathbone PPL
Jay A Taylor PC
JBC Legal Group PC
JDC Recovery c/o Ben Culpepper
(fka JDC Recovery Inc)
JDC Recovery Inc
JDJ Investments Inc dba Credit Bureau of Alexandria
JDR Recovery Corporation
Jefferson Capital Systems LLC
Jeremy Brown and Richard Lindley dba Surecheck of Texas
Jester Resources Inc dba Prochek
Ji Yun Hwang dba Trust Recovery Management Co
JNR Adjustment Co Inc dba Resource Management Systems
Joe Foster Acquisition Group Inc dba Equitable Solutions
Joe Foster Acquisitions Group Inc dba Equitable Solutions
John B Bockmon dba Standard Recovery Services
John Cox
John Fetherston dba WJR
John Qualls
John William Harker PLLC
John Wilson dba Orion Financial Recovery Service
Johnny Louis Liendo
Johnson & Rountree Premium Inc
Johnson Deluca Kennedy & Kurisky PC
Johnson Finkel Deluca & Kennedy PC
Jon Barry & Associates Inc
Jon R Hawks Ltd
Jon W Brown Dba Intercept
JSZ Financial Co Inc
Judgement Recovery Specialists
Judgment Collection Specialists Inc
Judy D Moreno dba Islas
Julia K McWilliams dba Payment on Time
Julie Crawford and Kathy Nowell dba Wade Crawford & Nowell
Julie Neal dba Health Claims Plus
Kapka Kapka & Associates
Kaplan & Kaplan Inc
Kaplan & Kaplan Inc
Karen K Farias dba C&K Financial Services
Kathryn L Benson dba Metro Investment Securities
KCA Financial Services Inc
Keith D Weiner & Assoc Co LPA
Kelly L Marino dba Central Texas Collection Agency
Kemp Smith Duncan & Hammond PC
Kendor Financial LTD
Kenley Financial LLC
Kenneth Associates aka Health Service Consultants
Kenneth B Leeds
Kenneth Eisen & Associates dba Key Recovery Services
Kenneth L Herring dba Herring & Associates
Kenneth Shaw dba American Credit & Collections
Kenneth W & Joann Mills dba Credit Bureau of Friona
Keri Howland Hunt dba The Professionals Agency
Kerri Howland Hunt dba The Professionals Agency
Kevin B Wilson dba Wilson & Wilson Attorneys
Kevin D Mullett dba EPR Services
Kevin L String Co LPA
Key Financial Systems Inc
Keystone Management Services Inc
Kings Credit Services
Kinsco LLC
Kline and Kline PC
KS Financial Group Inc
Kubler Corporation dba Alternative Recovery Management
L & M Account Services Inc.
L J Burt & Associates Inc
L J Ross Associates Inc
L&N Investments
LaDarien Spencer and Kimberly Oliver dba Atlas & Assoc
Lake Valley Retrievals Inc
Lamont Hanley & Associates
Larkin Collection Service Inc
Larry G Waller
Larry S Carvell dba Doctors Recovery Bureau
Laurence A Hecker dba Laurence A Heckler Attorney at Law
Law Enforcement Systems Inc
Law Office of Bryan K Levy
Law Office of Curtis O Barnes PC
Law office of Curtis O Barnes PC
Law Office of James L Brister PLLC
Law Office of Jerry M Mims PC
Law Office of John Philip Parsons
Law Office of Joseph H Belzer PA
Law Office of Loraine E Lyons
Law Office of Mark Piland
Law Office of Sam Streeter PLLC
Law Office of Wilfred E Briesemiester
Law Office Taylor T Pensoneau LLC
Law Offices of Bennett & DeLoney PC
Law Offices of Bradley J Rephen PC
(fka Law Offices of Bradley J Rephen)
Law Offices of Charles E Soffar PLLC
Law Offices of Clark Garen
Law Offices of Curtis O Barnes PC
Law Offices of Curtis O Barnes PC
Law Offices of D Scott Carruthers
Law Offices of Daniel J Ciment PLLC
Law Offices of Donald S Burak Esq
Law Offices of Joel Cardis LLC
Law Offices of Joseph Belzer PA
Law Offices of Joseph Belzer PA
Law Offices of Kent Puett
Law Offices of Kimberly Soard PC
Law Offices of Lawrence R Boivin Esq
Law Offices of Michael P Margelefsky LLC
Law Offices of Mitchell N Kay
Law Offices of Palmer Reifler & Associates
Law Offices of Ross Gelfand
Law Offices of Thickstun Stern & Becerra LLP
Law Offices of Thomas L Freytag
Lawrence Baca & Donohue
Lawrence Baca & Donohue PLLC
Lawrence Roach and Associates dba Law Office of Larry Roach
LDG Financial Services LLC
Leading Edge Recovery Solutions LLC
Legal Financial Services Inc
Legal Mediation Practice Inc
Legal Recovery Law Offices Inc
Leighton Taylor & Associates LLC dba Leighton Taylor & Associates
Leland Scott & Associates Inc
Leland Scott Edington dba Leland Scott & Associates
Lelaurin Emmett & Kessler LLP
Leonard N Tarr PC
Lewis and Branning Partnership
Liberty Collection Bureau Inc
Liberty Credit Services Inc
Liberty Point Corporation
Linda Benovsky dba Cash & Associates
Lindquist & Trudeau Inc
Lindquist & Trudeau Inc
Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson LLP (fka Heard Linebarger Graham Goggan Blair Pena & Sampson)
Lisa A. Manziel dba Manziel Law Offices
Litchfield Financial Corporation
Litton Loan Servicing LP
Llano Estacado Account Management Services LLC
Lloyd Recovery Services Incorporated
LM Holdings Inc dba Guardian Collection Bureau
LM Out Inc dba United States Bond Bureau
LML Payment Systems Corp
LMS Services Inc.
Loan Star Collections Inc
Lockheed Martin IMS Corporation dba LDC Collection Systems (FKA Lockheed Information Management Services CO Inc. dba Lockheed IMS)
Lola Beth Webster
Lone Star Investigations & Recovery Inc
Long Beach Acceptance Corp
Looking Glass Financial Inc dba LGF
Loraine G Wood dba Westbank Asset Management
Louis W Beheler dba World Wide Recovery Systems
LRM & Associates Inc
LSI Financial Group
LTD Financial Services LP
LTL Management Inc
Luebke Baker & Associates Inc
Luttrell Pursley and Assoc
Lynn C Denooyer
M C Asset Group
M D Gibson & Associates PC
M J Hecker & Associates PC
M Jan Spears & Associates Inc
Mabry Gibson & Herberger LLP
Machol & Johannes
Machol & Johannes PC
MAD Collection Agency LLC
Madison & Park Inc
Madison & Park Inc
Magazine Collection Bureau a Division of National Credit Audit Corporation
Magazine Collection Bureau
A Division of National Credit Audit Corporation
Magnolia Loan Servicing Inc
magnUS Services Inc
MagnUS Services Inc
(fka Metris Recovery Services Inc)
Mail Receivables Service Inc
Mail Recovery Service
Mainstreet Cash Service In
Malcolm S Gerald & Associate Inc.
Malcolm S Gerald & Associates Inc
Malibu Insurance Services Inc
Management Adjustment Bureau Inc
Management Financial Services Inc
Management Koncepts Inc
Management Koncepts Inc DBA Kids Ltd and Kins Income Depends on Support Ltd
Manfred Sternberg & Associates PC
Manhattan Financial Recovery Services LLC
Mann Bracken Layng & Knezo
Mann Bracken LLC
Mansoor A Rahman dba Data Control Systems
Mara Nicandro dba Quic Recovery
Marauder Corporation
Marcom Technologies Inc dba Marcom Receivable Management and Cash Flow Services
Marcos Garza and MC and Associates
Market Approach Consulting Services LP dba Paramount Recovery Systems (fka Market Approach Consulting Services LP dba Asset Control Services)
Market Recovery Analysts Inc
Markman Brothers Investments
Marks Collection Inc T/A Affiliated Collection Service
Marlin Integrated Capital LLC
Marshall and Marshall Inc
Martel Management Inc
Marvin Lore Smith III dba JP&C
Matson Wallace and Lynch Inc
Matthews Law Firm LLC dba Law Office of Shannon D Matthews LLC
Matthews Stevens & Stone Inc
Maximum Recovery Systems Inc
Maxwell & Associates Inc
Maxwell & Associates Inc
MCB Collection Services Inc
McCarthy Burgess & Wolff Inc
McCleskey Harriger Brazill & Graf LLP
McCleskey Harriger Brazill & Graf LLP
McCreary Veselka Bragg & Allen PC Attorneys at Law
McGaughey Reber and Associates dba Diversified Credit Systems
McNeily Rosenfeld & Rubenstein
Meade & Associates Inc
Meade & Associates Inc
Medarc Inc
Medcare Inc (fka Financial Trade Services Inc)
Medclr Inc dba Emergency Room Billing Inc
Medi Credit.com Inc
Media Collections Inc dba Joseph Mann & Creed
Medical and Professional Accounts Control Inc dba Med Pac
Medical and Professional Accounts Control Inc DBA Med Pac
Medical and Professional Collection Services Inc
Medical Business Bureau Inc
Medical Claims and Collections Inc
Medical Data Systems Inc dba Medical Revenue Service
Medical Debt Management Inc
Medical Dental Hospital Bureau of San Antonio Inc
dba Business & Professional Service
Medical Dental Hospital Bureau of San Antonio Inc DBA Business & Professional Service
Medical Management Services Inc
Medical Management Services Inc
Medical Practice Solutions Inc
Medical Society Business Services Inc dba Bureau of Medical Economics
Medical Third Party Resources Inc DBA Med-Collect
Medi-Comm Services Inc
Medi-Comm Services Inc of Lubbock
Medi-Comm Services of Lubbock Inc
Medicredit Corporation
Medicredit Inc
Med-Im Development Inc
Med-Les Physician Assistance Service
Medquist Receivables Management Co (fka Medquist of Texas Inc dba Stanford Financial Services Inc & Medquist Inc)
Melvin Crafton dba Liberty Debt Solution
Mercantile Adjustment Bureau Inc
Mercantile Adjustment Bureau LLC
Mercer Graham & Associates Inc
Merchant Management Inc
Merchants & Medical Credit Corporation Inc
(fka Merchants & Medical Credit Corporation)
Merchants and Professional Credit Bureau Inc
Merchants Association Collections Division Inc
Merchants' Credit Guide Co
Merchants' Credit Guide Company
Mercury Recovery of California
Meridian Financial Services Inc
Messerli & Kramer PA
Methodist Hospitals of Dallas dba Prime Financial Services
Metro Collections
Metrocredit Services Inc
Metropolitan Consumer Collection Services Inc (fka MCCS Acquisition Inc)
Metropolitan Consumer Collection Services Inc.
Metropolitan Resource Corporation (Metrosource)
Michael B Bennett PC dba Bennett Law Offices
Michael B Ray dba Credit Adjustment Company
Michael Carroll dba Atlas International
Michael D McDonald dba ARC Services
Michael D Moore
Michael J Schroeder PC
Michael Lambert dba DFA & Associates
Michael McDonald
Michael McDonald
Michael S Sanderock dba S & G Recovery Services
Michael T David dba Allied National Commercial Collections
Mid America Accounts Control Bureau Inc
Mid America Credit Management LLC
Mid Michigan Credit Bureau Inc dba Mid-Michigan Collection Bureau
MidCoast Credit Corp
MidCoast Credit Corporation
Midland Credit Management Inc
Midland Credit Management Inc (MCM)
Midland Funding 98-A Corporation
Midland Receivables 98-1 Corporation
Mid-South Credit Bureaus Inc
Midstate Collection Solutions Inc
Mid-State Credit Bureau
Midwest Collection Service Inc dba MCS Financial Management dba Municipal Collection Service
Midwest Service Bureau Inc
Midwest Support Services Inc
Mienhold Stawiarski Shapiro & Codilis LLP
Miguel Andrade Jr & Robert Landon dba Landon Landon & Andrade
Mike Sherman Inc dba The Sherman Company
Milco Loan Servicing Corporation
Millenium Financial Group
Milliken & Michaels Inc
Milliken & Michaels Inc
Milliken & Michaels Inc dba Milliken and Michaels
Milton Clarke & Madison
Minnesota Recovery Services Inc
Miracle Financial Inc
MKS Financial Services
Monarch Capital Corporation
Money Control Inc
Monroe Enterprises dba Credit Bureau of Centre
Monroe Enterprises Inc dba Credit Bureau Centre
Monterey Financial Services Inc dba Monterey Collection Services
onterey Financial Services Inc dba Monterey Collection Services
Montgomery County Credit Bureau Inc
Montgomery County Credit Bureau Inc
Morgan & Associates PC
Morgan & Associates PC
Mortgage Source Ventures Corporation
Moss Codilis LLP
(fka Moss Codilis Stawiarski Morris Schneider & Prior LLP)
Moss Codilis Stawiarski Morris Schneider & Prior LLP
Moster & Wynne PC
Mountain Peaks Financial Services Inc
Mountain States Adjustment A Division of MS Services LLC
Mountain States Adjustment A Division of MS Services LLC
MRS Associates Inc
MS Services LLC dab Mountain States Adjustment
MSA Solutions Inc
Msource (India) Private Limited
MTR Collections Inc (Vali-Chek Incorporated)
Municipal Collections Incorporation
Mutual Collection Company Inc
Mutual Hospital Services Inc dba Account Management Service
Myers & Porter LLP
NACM of South Texas Inc
Nadine Ridlerhuber dba Hot Check Recovery
Nair & Levin PC
Nair & Levin PC
NAL Acceptance Corporation
Nashville Adjustment Bureau
National Account Systems Inc
National Account Systems Inc dba National Business Division
National Account Systems of Omaha
National Action Financial Services Inc
National Action Financial Services Inc (NAFS)
National Adjustment and Recovery Corp
National Asset Management Enterprises Inc
National Asset Placement Corporation
National Asset Placement Corporation
National Asset Recovery Inc
National Asset Recovery Services Inc
National Asset Recovery Services Inc
National Asset Services Co
National Association of Credit Management of Texas Inc
National Auto Finance Company Inc.
National Bureau of Collections Inc.
National Bureau of Credit Inc
National Bureau of Credit Inc
National C & R Inc dba National Credit & Recovery
National Check Trust Inc
National City Processing Co dba Executive Collection Bureau
National Collection and Credit Control of America Inc
National Collection Consultants Inc
National Collection Service Inc
National Collection Systems Inc dba National Credit Management
National Collection Systems Inc dba National Credit Management
National Collections Systems Inc dba National Credit Management
National Commercial Recovery Inc
National Commercial Recovery Inc
National Credit & Collection Services Inc
National Credit Adjusters
National Credit Audit Corporation
National Credit Management Corporation
National Credit Managers
National Credit Service
National Credit Services Corporation
National Credit Services Inc
National Credit Systems Inc
National Credit Systems Inc (fka Southeastern Credit Systems Inc)
National Creditors Association Inc
National Creditors Association Inc
National Creditors Bureau Inc
National Creditors Connection Inc
National Enterprise Systems Inc
National Enterprise Systems Inc. (fka Windham Associates Inc dba National Enterprises Systems)
National Financial Bureau Inc dba J V Smith & Associates
National Financial Group Inc dba Maryland National Financial Group Inc
National Financial Systems Inc (NFS)
National Financial Systems Inc (NFS)
National Recoveries Inc
National Recovery Agency Inc
National Recovery Systems Ltd of America
National Revenue Corp Corporation
National Revenue Corporation
National Telecommunications Data Exchange Inc
National Telewire Corporation
Nations Credit & Collection Service Inc
Nations Recovery Center Inc
Nationwide Collections Inc
Nationwide Credit Corporation
Nationwide Credit Inc
Nationwide Credit Inc and Nationwide Credit Inc dba Financial Health Services
Nationwide Credit Inc and Nationwide Credit Inc dba Financial Health Services (fka ABC Business Services Inc)
Nationwide Credit Inc dba Healthcare Claims Services dba Midwest Consultants dba Financial Health Services (Former dbas BWS Credit Services; Northwest Audit and Adjustment; The Master Collectors & BWS Credit Services)
Nationwide Credit Inc.
Nationwide Debt Recovery Ltd
Nationwide Recovery Service Inc.
Nationwide Recovery Service of Sacramento Inc
Nationwide Recovery Service of Savannah LLC
Nationwide Recovery Service of Tampa Inc
Nationwide Recovery Systems
Nationwide Recovery Systems Ltd
NCB Management Services Inc
NCC Business Services Inc
NCC Business Services Inc (FKA National Collection Consultants of Florida Inc)
NCD Inc dba First Financial
NCO Financial Systems Inc
NCO Portfolio Management Inc
Nellie M Erickson dba Credit Service Company
Nelson Watson & Associates LLC
Network Collection Services
Network Collection Systems Inc
Network Services Inc dba Network Collection Services (fka Credit Bureau of Hattiesburg - Laurel)
Neuheisel Law Firm PC
Nevada Credico Inc dba Quantum Collections
New Century Financial Services Inc
New York Bay Capital Inc
Newman Freyman Klein & Gamache PC
Nexclaim Technologies Inc
Niagara Credit Solutions Inc
Nickell & Associates DBA Medical Bureau Inc; Phoenix Credit Services
Nicolas M Bazan PC
Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation
Nordin & Associates Inc
Nor-Don Collection Network Inc dba NCN
Norman Wexler Individually & dba Wexler & Wexler Attorneys
North American Capital Corporation
North American Capital Corporation; NACC Corporation (FN); NACC Corporation; North American; NACC
North American Collectors Inc
North American Credit Services Inc
North American Service Corporation
North Coast Account Systems Inc
North Shore Agency Inc
Northern Credit Service Inc
Northland Group Inc
Northstar Location Services LLC
Northwest Collectors Inc
Nosoma Systems Inc T/A Capital Collection Service
Nuvell Financial Services Corp Obra Homes Inc
Ocwen Consumer Solutions Inc
Ocwen Financial Solutions Private Limited
Ocwen Financial Solutions Private Ltd
Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC
Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC
Odis Wayne Bickers
Office of Judgment Enforcement
Old Republic Equity Credit Services
Old West Capital Co
Oliphant Financial Corporation
Oliver and Oliver PC
Omega Financial Inc
Omni Credit Services Inc
Omni Credit Services of Florida Inc
Omni Credit Services Of Illinois Inc
Omni Services Group LLC
Omnium Worldwide Inc and Omnium Worldwide dba Accent Insurance Recovery Solutions (see memo - former dbas fka Healthcare.. - Advantage.. - Omnium Communication ..)
On - Site Associate LLC
(On Site Associates LLC)
Onesource Credit Solutions Inc
Onstat Inc
Onyx Acceptance Corporation
Onyx Investment LLC
Option Card LLC
Option One Mortgage Corporation
Origen Servicing Inc
OSI Collection Services Inc dba Hospital and Physician Services; IMC Credit Services; Medical Accounting Service; Medical Billing Systems; Medical Provider Accounting Service; Missouri Medical Collections; OSI Alaska Financial Services; * see memo for dba
OSI Collection Services Inc dbas -Alaska Financial Services;Central Patient Billing;Hospital and Physician Services;IMC Credit Services;Medical Billing Systems;Medical Provider Accounting Service;Missouri Medical Collections;Professional Billing Service
OSI Collection Services Inc dbas Professional Billing Service: IMC Credit Services, Hospital Physician Services: Missouri Medical Collections; Central Patient Billing and Medical Billing Systems (fka Payco, see memo for former dbas)
OSI Education Services Inc
OSI Education Services Inc
OSI Education Services Inc
(fka University Accounting Service Inc)
OSI Portfolio Services Inc
OSI Portfolio Services Inc
OSI Recovery Solutions Inc
Outsource Receivables Management
Outsourced Accounts Inc
Oxford Collection Agency Inc
Oxford Collection Agency Inc dba Oxford Management Services
P & S Recovery Management LLC
Pacific Coast Collections Inc
Pacific Creditors Association
Palisades Collection LLC
Palladian Resources LC
Paradigm Recovery Solutions LLC
Paralign Revenue Management Inc.
Paramount Adjustment Bureau Inc
Paramount Alliance Leasing Inc
Paramount Recovery Services Inc.
Paraservices Inc
Partners Financial Services Inc
Patenaude & Felix APC
Patient Accounting Service Center LLC
Patricia Dugger dba Quick Collect
Patricia L Dearing LLC
Patrick Joseph Martin
Patsy Carole Golden
Paul Mason & Associates Inc dba Creditors Bankruptcy Service
Paul R Wilson
Pay Direct Services Inc
Pay Solutions
Payco General American Credits Inc dbas Payco; Creditors Protective Association: Retail Merchants Collection Service Missouri Medical Collections; Hospital & Physician Service: Herring Financial Services: Central Patient Billing;Furst & Furst Continental
Payment Solutions A California Corporation dba Card Gard / Check One
Payment Solutions A California Corporation dba Card Gard / Check One
Paypax Accounts Inc
Payup Winddown, Inc.
(fka Pioneer Credit Recovery Inc)
PD Recovery Inc (a PA Corporation), A Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Dollar Financial Group
PDI Management Services Inc
Pender & Coward PC T/A Commonwealth Collection Attorneys
Penn Credit Corporation
Penncro Associates Inc
Pentagroup Financial LLC
People First Recoveries LLC
Performance Capital Management Inc
Performance Capital Management LLC
Perimeter Credit LLC
Perimeter Credit LP
Pfluger Financial Services Inc
Philip C Vitek
Phillip D Collins & Associates PC
Phillips & Cohen Associates Ltd
Phillips & Kirschenbaum LLP
Phillips and Cohen Associates Ltd
Phoenix Credit LLC
Phoenix Credit Solutions LLC
Phoenix Management Company Inc.
Phoenix Management Solutions LLC
Phoenix Management Systems Inc
Physicians' Income Recovery Inc
Piano Credit Company LLC
(fka Yamaha Retail Finance dba National Piano Finance and Leasing Company)
Piedmont Adjustment Bureau Inc
Piedmont Adjustment Bureau Inc
Piedmont Credit & Collections Inc.
Pierce Hamilton and Stern Inc
Pinnacle Corporate Services Inc
Pinnacle Financial Group Inc
Pinnacle Financial Group LLC
Pinnacle Recovery Inc
Pioneer Credit Recovery Inc
Piper Collections Inc
Planet Accounts Recovery Inc
Platinum Recovery Services LLC
Platinum Recovery Solutions Inc
(FKA Collection Corporation of America)
PMAB Inc TDA H Johnson & Associates
POM Recoveries Inc
POM Recoveries Inc
Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC
Powell & Jackson II Inc
Powell & Jackson Inc
Powell Rogers & Speaks Inc
Powelson Companies Inc. dba Foley & Associates
Poznet Solutions Inc dba Poznet Recovery Services
PPCC Inc dba Allied Collection Resources
PRA AG Funding LLC
PRA Receivables Management LLC dba Anchor Receivables Management
Practical Medical Management Inc
Premier Check Systems Inc
Premier Recovery Inc
(fka Southern Ohio Collections Inc)
Premier Recovery LLC
Premier Trust Deed Services Inc
Premiere Credit of North America LLC
Premium Asset Recovery Corp
Premium Credit Corp
Premium Credit Corp
Premium Recoveries Inc
Primary Financial Services LLC
PRM Financial Service Inc
PRM Financial Service Inc.
PRM Financial Services Inc
Pro Com Services Corporation dba Credit Bureau of Springfield Inc
Pro Com Services of Illinois Inc
Pro Consulting Services
Pro Consulting Services Inc
Procheck A Service of Revenue Assurance Professionals LP
Procollect Inc
Pro-Collect Inc dba Asset Resources
Pro-Collect Inc dba Asset Resources
Procollect Services Inc
Procollect Services Inc (fka Procollect Inc)
Professional Account Management Inc
Professional Account Services
Professional Account Services Inc
Professional Account Services Inc (PASI)
Professional Adjustment Corp
Professional Adjustment Corp
Professional Adjustment Service Inc
Professional Affiliates Company Inc
Professional Bureau of Collections Inc
Professional Choice Recovery
Professional Collection Company
Professional Collection Service Inc
Professional Credit Analysts of Minnesota Inc
Professional Credit Consultants Inc
Professional Credit Research Inc dba Professional Credit Recovery
Professional Credit Services Inc
Professional Debt Mediation Inc
Professional Finance Company Inc
Professional Finance Company Inc
Professional Recoveries Inc dba CMS Credit Management Services Inc
Professional Recovery Consultants Inc
Professional Recovery Services
Professional Recovery Services (PRS)
Professional Recovery Services Inc
Professional Recovery Services Inc
Professional Recovery Systems Inc
Professional Recovery Systems LLC
Professional Service Assistance
ProfitLine Collection Services Inc
Progeon Limited
Progressive Financial Services Inc
Progressive Recovery Network Inc
Protocol Financial Services Inc
Protocol Recovery Service Inc
Protocol Recovery Service Inc
Providential Capital Inc
Pyatt & Associates
Pyatt & Associates Information Services
Q Collections Inc
QC Financial Services of Texas Inc dba Quik Cash
Quality Asset Management Inc
Quality Asset Management Inc
Quality Asset Recovery LLC
Quantco Financial LLC
Quantum Capital Inc
Quantum Credit Services of Georgia Inc dba Quantum Credit Services Inc
Quantum Credit Services of Texas Inc dba Quantum Credit Services Inc
Quantum Servicing Corporation T/A Clayton Portfolio Management Services Corporation
Quest Asset Management Inc
Questcare Practice Management Services Inc
R & B Cable Contractors Inc
R & B Corporation of Virginia dba Credit Control Corporation
R & R Collection Service Inc
R A Rogers Inc
R C Capital Company LLC
R C Wilson Company
R C Wilson Company
R M Connecticut Services Inc
R M Galicia Inc dba Progressive Management Systems
R S Clark & Associates Inc
R S Clark and Associates
R S Clark and Associates Inc
R Scott Perry
Radio Shack a Division of Tandy Corporation
Raeco Management Inc
Raeco Management Inc dba Investigative & Recovery Services
Raeco Recovery Services Inc
Ralph L Ross
Rapid Recovery & Professional Billing Inc
RAS Group Inc
Rauch - Milliken International Inc
Rausch Strum Israel & Hornik SC
Rawlings Financial Services LLC
Ray Wood & Fine Attorneys at Law
RC Services Inc
Re:Claim Inc
Real Time Resolutions Inc
Reasonable Recovery Solutions Company LLC
Reasonable Recovery Solutions LLC
Receivable Management Inc
Receivable Management Inc
Receivable Recovery Services LLC
Receivable Services of America LLC
Receivable Solutions Inc (RSI)
Receivable Solutions Inc dba National Recovery Control DBA National Legal Recovery Service
Receivable Solutions Inc DBA National Recovery Control DBA National Legal Recovery Service
Receivables Management Bureau Inc
Receivables Management Bureau Inc
Receivables Management Consultants Corporation (RMC Corp)
Receivables Management Group Inc dba RMG Systems
Receivables Management Group Inc.
Receivables Management Solutions Inc dba RMS
Receivables Performance Management LLC
Receivables Recovery and Management Corporation
Receivables Specialist Inc
Recourse Acceptance Corporation
Recover Inc
Recoveries Inc
Recovery Bureau of America Inc
Recovery Concepts Inc
Recovery One Inc
Recovery Partners LLC
Recovery Remedies Inc (RRI)
Recovery Services International Inc
Recovery Services of Texas
Recovery Solutions Inc
Recovery Systems Specialist
Red Rive Debt Management Inc
Red River Collections Inc
Redford Collections
Redline Recovery Service LLC
Reese Montgomery Weinstein & Associates Inc
Refinance America Ltd
Regency Credit LLC
Regency Credit LLC
Regent & Associates PC
(fka Anh H Regent dba Regent & Associates PC)
Regional Adjustment Bureau Inc
Reimbursement Technologies Inc
Reisman & Simpson
Reliable Adjustment Bureau Inc
Reliable Adjustment Bureau of Florida
Reliable Adjustment Bureau of Florida Inc
Remex Inc
Remex Inc
Remex Inc
Remit Corporation
Renaissance Recovery Services Inc
Rent Debt
RentCollect Corporation
Renter Index Inc dba Accounts Index
Requestex LP
Rescomm Holdings No 2 LLC
Resident Data Collections LLC
Resolution Services Inc
Resurgent Capital Services LP (fka Alegis Group LP)
Retail Merchant Assoc of Tyler Texas Inc
Retail Merchants Assoc of Abilene Inc dba Credit Bureau Servicing West Central Texas - Collection Divisions (fka Credit Bureau of Abilene Collection)
Retail Merchants Assoc of Abilene Inc dba West Central Texas Collection Bureau and dba Premium Recovery
(fka- dba Credit Bureau Servicing West Central Texas - Collection Division)
Retail Merchants Association Inc dba Credit Bureau of Greater Shreveport
Retail Merchants Association of Lubbock Inc
Retail Merchants Association of Port Arthur Inc
Retail Merchants Association of Tyler Inc
Retail Merchants Association of Tyler Inc
Retail Recovery Service of NJ Inc (fka Retail Recovery Service of New Jersey Inc)
Retrieval Masters Creditors Bureau Inc
Retrieval Masters Creditors Bureau Inc dba American Medical Collection Agency Inc
Retrieval Masters Creditors Bureau Inc DBA American Medical Collection Agency Inc
Revcare Inc
Revenue Assurance Professionals LLC (fka Procheck A Service of Revenue Assurance Professionals LP)
Revenue Investment Protections Inc
Revenue Management Corporation
Revenue Production Management Inc
Revenue Recovery Corporation
RGS Financial Inc
Rhett Hoestenbach
RHP Mortgage Company dba RHP Financial Services
Richard Alan Russell
Richard DeJana & Associates PLLC Attorneys at Law
Richard J Boudreau & Associates LLC
Richard N Thompson Attorney at Law
Richard P Dayhoff dba Independent Recovery Systems
Richard S Katona and Bernardene A Katona dba CCS/Houston
Richard V Wallace dba Accounts Receivable Management Services
Richwood & Associates Inc
Rick Higgins dba Promed Practice Management
Rickenbacker Collection Services Inc
Riddle & Associates PC
Riddle & Williams PC
Riecke Baumann
Riexinger & Associates LLC
Rio Grande Valley Creditors Service Bureau Inc
Rio Grande Valley Creditors Service Bureau Inc. dba Creditors Service Bureau
(fka Rio Grande Valley Creditors Bureau Inc.)
Riscuity Asia Inc
Risk Management Alternatives (Minnesota), Inc DBA Credit Convertors DBA Allied Medical Accounts Control
Risk Management Alternatives Inc
(FKA Risk Management Alternatives (Minnesota) Inc DBA Credit Convertors DBA Allied Medical Accounts Control DBA Abacus Financial Management Services)
Risk Management Alternatives Solutions LLC
Ritcheson Lauffer Vincent and Duke PC
(fka Ritcheson & Dollahite PC)
Riverview Asset Management Service Inc
Riverview Collections Inc
Robert A Fierman Attorney P C
Robert B Buchan Attorney at Law
Robert B Sims
Robert Thomas Miller Jr dba Law Office of Robert T Miller Jr
Robert Vallair dba Veliro Group
Roberts & Roth Corp
Robinson Reagan & Young PLLC
(fka Robinson Reagan & Young PC)
Robinson Regan & Young PC
(fka Adams Whiteaker Robinson Reagan & Young)
Rochester Credit Center Inc
Rochester Credit Center Inc dba The Credit Bureau
Rockford Mercantile Agency Inc
Roland Barbosa dba United Subrogation Associates
Romac Enterprises Inc dba Romac Financial Services
Ronald Ray Lusby dba Multi-Data Systems (fka Ronald R Lusby dba Multi-Data Systems)
Roquemore & Roquemore Inc
Rosemary Cox dba Absolute Recovery Services
Rosenthal Morgan and Thomas Inc
Ross Banks May Cron & Cavin PC
Roxanne Webb dba D & R Financial
RSI Enterprises Inc
RTI / Community Management Associates Inc
RTM Financial Services LLC dba Credit Consulting Services
Ruben Escandon Jr dba Tracs (Trace Recovery and Collection Service)
Rubin & Levin PC
Rudy Neria dba Vinton & Associates
Russell Collection Agency Inc
Ryan & Reed Inc
S & A Services of Watertown Ltd dba S&A Services Ltd
S & P Capital
S & P Capital Investment Inc
S & P Park Inc dba Corporate Recovery Services
S & S Recovery Inc
S & S Recovery Inc
S R Marshall & Associates Inc
SAB International Inc
Sallie Mae Servicing Corporation
Sally Sekac dba The Woodlands Collection Agency
Sammy Miller
Samuel T Leahy dba A R Management & Solutions LLC
San Antonio Creditors Association
San Antonio Retail Merchants Association
San Antonio Retail Merchants Association Collections Inc
San Leandro Collection Service Inc
Sanders Baker & Jesko PC
Sanders Baker & Jesko PC & Perdue Brandon Fielder Collins
Sandra Renee Lumbley dba R W Collection Service
Sanford J Cohan
Sarasota Inc dba Credit Control Management
SCA Collections Greenville NC Inc
SCA Credit Inc
Scherr Legate & Ehrlich PLLC
Scherr Legate & Ehrlich PLLC (William Ehrilich, Herbert Ehrlich and Sam Legate)
Scherr Legate Ehrlich & Kennedy PLLC
(FKA Ehrlich & Associates PC William Ehrlich & Hermert Ehrlich)
Schreiber & Associates PC
Scipione Berg & Associates LLC
Scoggins McKelvey Almon & Malone LLP
Scott and Goldman
Scott Lowery Law Office PC. (fka P Scott Lowery PC)
Scott Watson President Spectrum Processing Inc
Seattle Service Bureau Inc dba National Service Bureau
Security Check
Security Check Collections LLC
Security Check LLC
Security Credit Systems Inc
Sedna Asset Solutions Inc
Select Billing and Collections Services Inc
Select Portfolio Servicing Inc
(FNA Fairbanks Capital Corp)
Seleta Edge dba Recoveredge Systems
Senex Services Corporation
Sentry Credit Inc
Sequoia Concepts Inc dba Sequoia Financial Services
Service Bureau Inc
Service Finance Company LLC
Shapiro Brown Corporation dba SBB Management Company
Shark Logic Receivables Management & Consulting LLC
Sharon Parks dba Matrix Financial
Sheffield Capital Corp
Shekinah Inc
Shermeta & Adams PC
Shreveport Wholesale Credit Association Inc
Silver Collection Service Inc
Silver Oak Services LLC
Simm Associates Inc
Simm Associates Inc
Sitel Customer Care Inc dba NAFS of Canada
Skip Chase & Associates LLC
Skip Chase International, Inc
SKO Brenner American Inc
Sky Asset Management Services Inc
(fka Mid AM Recovery Services Inc ) (fka International Credit Service Division of Lucas County Credit Bureau Inc)
Sky Recovery Services Ltd
Smart Collection Inc
Smith Rouchon & Associates Inc
Smith Town & Associates Inc
SMX Recovery Services Inc
SN Servicing Corporation
SN Servicing Corporation
(fka Security National Servicing Corporation)
Solomon and Solomon PC
South Texas Adjustment Services
Southeast Collection Services
Southeastern Credit Bureau Inc
Southeastern Credit Bureau Inc dba Park Dansan
Southeastern Credit Systems Inc
Southern Credit Recovery Inc also T/A Central Billing Office; And Regional Financial Services LLC (SCR)
Southern Credit Recovery Inc T/A Central Billing Office: and Regional Financial Services LLC
Southern Federal Collection Service Inc
Southern Financial Systems Inc dba Southern Financial Collections
Southern Management Systems Inc
Southern Service Systems Inc dba Southern Collection System
Southern Tier Credit Center Inc
Southwest Credit Card Services Inc
Southwest Credit Systems Inc
Southwest Credit Systems LP
Southwest General Services of Dallas LLC
Southwest Medical Collections LLC
(FKA American Reimbursement Medical Services (ARMS))
Southwest Pacific Financial Inc
Southwest Recovery Corporation
Southwest Reimbursement Management Services LLC
Southwest Subrogation Services Inc
Southwest Value Recovery Inc
Southwestern & Pacific Specialty Finance Inc dba Check 'n Go
(fka Check N Go of Texas Inc)
Specialized Collection Systems Inc
Specialized Loan Servicing LLC
Specialized Recovery Services LLC
Springer Financial Group Inc
Springer Inc dba Springer Collections
Springman Braden Wilson & Pontis PC
Sprouse Smith & Rowley PC
SPS Payment Systems Inc
SPS Transaction Services Inc.
SR Marshall & Associates Inc
SR2 LLC dba SR2-Strategic Receivable Resolution
SRA Associates Inc
SRA Associates Inc
St Hill & Associates PC
Stan Hughes
Stanford & Associates LLC
Starfire Recovery
Starwiarski & Associates PC
State Collection Service Inc
State Municipal Services Inc
State Street Capital Corporation
States Recovery Systems Inc
Statewide Credit Association Inc
Stawiarski & Associates PC
STC Solutions Inc
Stephen W Powelson dba Foley and Associates
Stephens & Michaels Associates Inc.
Sterling & King Inc
Steve Sumner PC
Steven G Lawrence PC
Steven H Phelps PC
Steven H Phelps PC
Stevens Business Service Inc
Stevens Business Services Inc
Stevenson Law Firm Inc
Stewart & Associates PC Attorneys at Law
Stewart Default Solutions Inc
Stewart S Mortensen
Stokes & Clinton PC
Stone Credit Inc
Stone Creek Financial Inc
Stratagem Credit Services Inc
Strategic Recovery Systems Inc
Stuart Allan & Associates Inc
(fka Bonded Collections of Tucson Inc)
Suburban Credit Corporation
Sullivan Cross & Davis Inc
Summer & Schick
Summit Collections Inc
Summit Collections Inc
Summit Recovery Services LLC
Sunrise Credit Services Inc
Superior Asset Management Inc
Superior Credit Service Inc
Superior Credit Services Inc
Superior Recovery Systems
Sure Check Regional
Sure Tech Recovery LLC
Surety Acceptance Corporation
Surety Recovery and Consulting Services Inc
Surpas Resource Corporation
SWC Collections
Swift Recovery Inc
Sygnis Inc dba Sygnis Financial Services
Symmetry Management Corp dba BCC Financial Management Services Inc
Syndicated Office Systems dba Central Financial Control
Synergetic Communication Inc
Synergetic Communication Inc dba Syncom
Synergy Business Services Inc
Synergy Business Services Inc
Synerprise Consulting Services Inc
Synter Resource Group LLC
Systematic National Collections Inc
Systems & Services Technologies Inc
Systems & Services Technologies Inc
T L Thompson & Associates Inc
T L Thompson & Associates Inc
Tabula Rasa International Ltd
Takhar Collection Services LTD
Talbott Adams & Moore Inc
Talbott Adams & Moore Inc
Tandy Corporation
Taryn R Chatham
Tate & Kirlin Associates
Tate & Kirlin Associates Inc
TBS Business Services Inc
TCH International Inc dba The Collection House
TCM Enterprises Inc dba Total Collection Management & First Recovery Services Inc
TCMS Texas Collection & Mediation Services LLC
Telcollect Inc
Telecheck Services Inc
Telesmart Inc
Tempest Recovery Services Inc
Tempest Recovery Services Inc
Texas Check Control Agency Inc
Texas Commercial Recovery Bureau Inc.
Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation
Texas Legal Net Services Bureau LLC
Texas Municipal Services Inc
Texas Star Business Services LLC
Texhoma Financial Services
Textron Business Services Inc (fka TBS Business Services Inc)
The Affiliated Group Inc dba Affiliated Credit Services
The Affiliated Group Inc dba The Affiliated Credit Services (fka ACS III dba Affiliated Credit Services)
The Allen Daniel Associates Inc
The Best Service Co
The Best Service Co Inc
The Brice Legal Group PC
The Bureaus Inc
The Carlson Company LLC
The Carlton Company Inc
The CBE Group Inc
(fka Credit Bureau Enterprises Inc)
The Check Connection Inc
The Collection Bureau of Lincoln Nebraska Inc
The Continental Alliance Inc
The Continental Alliance Inc dba Continental Credit Services Inc
The Continental Collections Group Inc
The Credit Bureau of Kilgore TX Inc dba Northeast Texas Credit Bureau
The Credit Store
The Credit Store Inc
The Department of Mediation and Resolutions
The Education Resources Institute Inc
The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
The International Recovery Firm
The Law Firm of John A DeFede PA
The Law Office of Gary Lee Hach
The Law Office of John P Frye PC
The Law Offices of Daniel J Nigro PC
The Law Offices Of Gerald E Moore & Associates PC
The Law Offices of John Lyndon Vidrine A Professional Corporation
The Law Offices of Loren Parker - Jackson
The Medical Bureau Inc
The Medical Bureau Inc
The Medical Bureau Inc (MBI)
The Phoenix Recovery Group
(fka Frank Gamboa and Mauro L DelPuerto dba American Recovery Systems)
The Professionals Agency
The Professionals Agency
The Receivable Management Services Corporation dba D&B Receivable Management Services dba RMS
(fka The Receivable Management Services Corporation dba Dun & Bradstreet Receivable Management Services)
The Receivable Management Services Corporation dba Dun & Bradstreet Receivable Management Services
The Recovery Group Inc
The Research Firm LLC
The Revenue Maximization Group Inc
The Revenue Maximization Group Inc
The Reyes Law Firm PC
The Rimit Corporation
The Sagres Company

The Silva Group dba Billing & Financial Recovery Services
The SSI Group Inc
The Traf Group Inc
The Transcontinental Adjustment Corp
The Transcontinental Adjustment Corporation
The Wealthology Institute
The Westmoreland Agency Inc
The Wymard Company Inc dba Joseph M Wymard
Theodore P Karibian dba Hot Check
Thomas George Associates Ltd
Thomas H Leet dba Southwest Bounty & Collection Service
Thomas J Wheeler dba Wheeler Law Office
Thomas K Bamford
Thomas K Bamford Attorney at Law
Thomas Wheeler dba Act Collections
Thornton Financial Services Inc
Tiburon Financial LLC
Ticket Track Inc
Tidewater Consumer Credit
Timothy Bonnder and James Pinson dba ADP Collections
(fkTimothy Bonnder and James Pinson dba Associate Debt Partners)
Titan Business Solutions Inc
Titan Management Services LLC
TMG Financial Inc
TML Intergovernmental Employee Benefits Pool
Todd Bremer & Lawson Inc
Todd Lamb dba Trinity Collections
Tom W and Helen J Logan / Check Recovery
Tonya Sue Sorrow
Tormey Bewley Corporation dba Albuquerque Collection Services
Torres Credit Services Inc
Total Card Inc
Total Credit Recovery Inc
Total Credit Recovery USA Group Inc
Total Credit Recovery USA Group IncTouchstone Communications Inc
Tower Collection Center Inc
Town North Bank NA
TPI Billing Solutions LLC
(fka TPI Billing Solutions Inc)
Trace Credit Services
Trackers Inc (In Illinois dba Eastern Iowa Collection Bureau Inc)
Tracy J Murphy PLLC
TRAF Group T/A A-1 Collection Service
Traneel Corp dba Continental Collection Bureau
Trans First Asset Services Inc
Trans Union Corporation - Dallas Division
Transamerica Accounts Holding Corporation dba Transamerica Accounts Receivable Services or dba Transamerica Commercial Recovery Services
Trans-Con Adjustment Bureau Inc
Transcontinental Services Inc
Transwestern Consultants Corporation
Transworld Systems Inc (TSI) dba Credit Management Services (CMS)
Transworld Systems Inc dba Credit Management Services
Trauner Cohen & Thomas
Treasury and Accounting Technologies Inc dba Treasury Recovery Services
Triad Financial Services Inc
Triad Financial Services Inc
Triadvantage Credit Services Inc
Trilogy Capital Management LLC
Triple I International Inc dba KB Financial Services and dba Kenady & Bernstein
Triple I International Inc dba KB Financial Services dba Kenady & Bernstein
Triple M Auto Sales Inc dba Triple M Collection Agency
Tri-State Adjustments Inc
Tri-State Adjustments Inc
Tritium Card Services Inc
Tritium Card Services Inc
Triton Receivable Management Solutions Inc
Trojan Professional Services Inc
Trout & Associates Ltd
TRS Financial Services Inc (fka Texas Recovery Services Corp)
TRS Recovery Services Inc.
(fka Telecheck Recovery Services Inc)
TrueLogic Financial Corporation
(fka Genesis Financial Services Corporation dba TrueLogic Financial Corporation)
Trumbull Services LLC
TSYS Total Debt Management Inc
TT Marketing Inc
TT Marketing Inc
TT Marketing Inc
Tulsa Adjustment Bureau Inc
Turbo Data Systems Inc dba Innovative Collection Services
Twine Financial Management
TxCollect Inc
Txcollect Inc
(fka Collectx Inc & fka Collins Financial Services Inc)
TxCollect/Thrift I LP
Tyler & Hughes and Associates Inc
Tympana (USA) Inc
U S Municipal Support
UCM Servicing Co LLC
UCM Servicing Co. LLC
Ugly Duckling Car Sales Inc dba Ugly Duckling Car Sales dba Ugly Duckling Autos
Ugly Duckling Car Sales Texas LLP
Unber and Associates Inc
nber and Associates Inc
Unifund / CCR Partners
Unifund Corporation
Union Acceptance Corporation dba Union Credit Corporation
Union Acceptance Corporation dba Union Credit Corporation and UAC Servicing Corporation
Union Adjustment Co Inc
Union Adjustment Co Inc
Unipac Service Corporation
Unique Management Services Inc
United Accounts Management Inc
United American Acceptance Co
United Check Control Inc
United Collection Bureau Inc
United Compucred Collections Inc Compucred Collections Inc
United Consumers Inc. (fka Benjamin A Burrell United Consumers Inc)
United Credit Management Corporation
United Creditors Alliance Corporation
United Equity Recovery Corporation
United Financial Service
United Global Financial Services Inc
United Legal Corporation
United Mediation Services Inc
United Merchants Association
United Moneycorp Inc
United Mortgage & Loan Investment LLC f/k/a United Mortgage & Loan Investment Corp.
United Mortgage & Loan Investment LLC fka United Mortgage & Loan Investment Corp
United Note & Escrow Co
United Portfolio Management Inc
United Portfolio Management Inc
United Portfolio Management Inc
United Recovery Systems Inc
United Recovery Systems LP
(fka United Recovery Systems Inc)
United Resource Management / Skip Chase International
United Resource Systems Inc
United Revenue Corp
United Revenue Corp
United Service Accounts Inc
United States Credit Association Inc
Universal Collections Inc.
fka Principal Credit Inc.
Universal Collectors Corp
Universal Commercial Concepts
Universal Credit Services
Universal Credit Services A Division of Universal Services Group Inc
Universal Data Services LLC dba UDSC LLC
Universal Fidelity Corp
Universal Fidelity Corporation
University Accounting Service Inc
University Management Associates & Consultants Corp
(formerly using dba UMAC)
University Management Associates and Consultants Corp DBA UMAC
T/A American Collection Consultants
US Collections West Inc
US Collections West Inc
USA Enterprises Inc
USCB Inc & United Merchants Association
Utility Collections Ltd
Utility Collections Ltd dba Commerce Service Corporation
Utility Collections Ltd dba National Credits Inc
Valentine & Kebartas Inc
Valentine & Kebartas Inc
Valley Acceptance Corporation
Valued Services of Texas LP
Van Ru Credit Corp
Van Ru Credit Corp
Van Ru International Inc
Vantage Point Solutions LLC
Vas Dimensions Inc dba City Check Recovery & CCR Services
Vas Dimensions Inc dba City Check Recovery CCR Services
Vas Dimensions Inc dba City Check Recovery, CCR Services
vCollect Global Inc. (fka TJA & Assoc LLC)
Vengroff Williams & Associates Inc
Ventus Capital Services LP
Verde Financial Services Inc
Vericheck Inc
Verichek Inc
Veritech Financial Services LLC
VFS of Indiana
Victor Henry Associates Inc
Vidal Esteves & Whaley Corp
Viking Collection Service Inc
Viking Collection Services Southwest, Incorporated
(fka Concorde Business Services Incorporated dba Metro Collections)
Vincent R Heimann dba Omni Credit Services
Virginia Credit & Finance Inc.
Virginia J Catron PC
Vision Financial Corp
Vital Recovery Services Inc
Vitt Inc dba Recovery Services of Texas dba Recovery Services of America
Vox Enterprises Inc dba Consumer Solutions
VRM Collections LP
W Al Gordon & Associates Inc
Waco Credit Bureau Inc
Wakefield & Associates Inc
Walker W Price
Wallace M Swanson PC
Wallet Recovery Ltd
Walter Mortgage Servicing Inc
Warren H Wolter
WCI Financial Services Inc
Weinstein Treiger & Riley PS
Wellington Wells & Associates Inc dba Wells & Associates Inc
Weltman Weinberg & Reis Co LPA
Wendover Financial Services Corporation
West Asset Management Inc
West Asset Management Inc
(fka National Asset Management Enterprises Inc)
West Capital Financial Services Corp
Western Control Services Inc dba Pay Kids Network
Whitewing Financial Group Inc
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William David Torok
William David Torok Attorney at Law
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Williams Babbit and Weisman Inc
Williams Cohen & Gray Inc
Wilshire Credit Corporation (fka WCC Inc)
Wilson Credit Services LLC
Windham Professionals Inc
Windsor Equity Group Inc
Winifred H Dominguez PC
WIPRO Spectramind Services Limited
(fka WIPRO Spectramind Services Private Limited)
Wixon Partners LLC
Wolpoff & Abramson LLP
Wolpoff & Abramson Recovery Services Corporation
Workman Law Office P A
Works & Lentz Inc
Works & Lentz of Tulsa Inc
World Credit Inc
World Credit Inc
World Credit Protection Group Inc dba National Credit Protection Group
World Omni Financial Corp
World Recovery Systems Inc dba Smartcheck
Worldwide Adjusters Inc
Worldwide Asset Management LLC
Worldzen Collection and Recovery LLC
WrightHawk Financial Corp
Wurman and Fischer PC
Xact! Resources Inc.
(fka Check Control Inc dba Xact!)
Xelco Inc
elco Inc
Yankee Inc dba Grant Mercantile Agency
Your Collection Solutions Inc.
(fka Collections R Us Inc)
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Zee Law Group PC
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Zenith Acquisition Corp
Zenta India Private Limited

Legal Info

(The information listed in the articles below was drafted by the attorneys at Weston Legal, PLLC and is for informational purposes only and is not to be considered legal advice. The information relates to lawsuits filed in Texas for collection purposes.)

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  2. Sued for Debt in Texas
  3. Service of Process in Texas
  4. How to Answer a Summons in Texas
  5. Default Judgments in Texas
  6. Statute of Limitations for Debt in Texas
  7. Motion for Summary Judgment in Texas
  8. Judgments in Texas
  9. We Sue Debt Collectors

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